Coffee Talk {7/20/14}

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If we were having coffee today I’d tell you…

I want to fess up…healthy living has not been a priority in my life since moving to New Jersey this past February.  I’m a healthy living blogger…my job here is to inspire you by balancing food, fitness and life…and I haven’t been doing that.  BUT, things are different now!  About two weeks ago I had my aha moment and brought fitness and healthier eats back into my life.  I’ve been making better, more consistent decisions with food and my workouts have become a daily occurrence. 

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You may have noticed I’ve been spending way less time here on the blog…that’s because I’ve been working out everyday and often my workouts are a minimum of 30 minutes.  I’ve also been waking up early and doing a little something such as a morning walk, yoga session or arms routine before work in addition to my nightly workouts.  I want to ask you to bear with me for not being around as much as I use to be and understand that I’m working on bettering myself.

If we were having coffee today I’d tell you…

I moved offices at work about two weeks ago.  I meant to tell you, I just never got the chance!  I’m about 5 minutes closer to home and my hours are a little shorter.  No more getting to work at 6:15am (thank goodness!) which allows me to fit those quick morning walks/yoga sessions in.  However, my time at work no longer includes a full hour lunch break so I’ve lost my at-work blogging time.  Overall, though, it’s a positive change and I’m enjoying my job again :)

If we were having coffee today I’d tell you…

Josh and I went to the Ramsey Farmer’s Market today.

Greens Ramsey Farmer's Market

We tried a Stella’s Spicy Chicken Empanada which was delicious!

Spicy Chicken Empanada Ramsey Farmer's Market

And we bought various fruits and veggies.  So far I’ve tried the tomatoes and they were absolute perfection.

Tomatoes Ramsey Farmer's Market

I had a blast exploring the town we live in since I was hibernating all winter long ;) .

Question of the Day

If we were having coffee today…what would you tell me?

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