Discount Code: I’m a Diva Dash Ambassador Again!

(Disclaimer…as an ambassador I am given free entry to the race.  A special thank you to Adventure Fit for providing me with the opportunity to participate again in the SHAPE Diva Dash again!)  

How about a little discount on this lovely Thursday afternoon?  I am so excited that I was asked to be an ambassador for the SHAPE Diva Dash again!  I had such a blast last year and literally can’t wait to participate again.  Here’s a quick reminder of what the SHAPE Diva Dash is all about!

SHAPE Diva Dash Logo Small

The Diva Dash is a women-only adventure obstacle run.  It is sponsored by SHAPE Magazine.  The 5K course is designed to challenge and empower women with obstacles that test strength, speed, balance, agility, etc.  Our mission is focused on encouraging fitness, fellowship and fun, while inspiring women to test their limits and discover their own physical, mental and emotional strength!

SHAPE Diva Dash

Pretty awesome, right?!  Also, there’s no mud…unless Mother Nature lends a hand…which she certainly did for the NY race last year!  What stood out to me most about last year’s race though (besides Mom and Josh surprising me by having her fly up to do the race with me and celebrate my birthday) was how supportive everyone was!  Because it was muddy, the course was very slippery and strangers would hold out hands or reach out if they saw you might fall.  We also cheered each other on the entire time.  It was such a blast and I would recommend this race to anyone…especially you beginners out there who might be intimidated by other obstacle runs.  This is the one for you!

This year the series will be visiting the following cities…

New York Metro

(Sorry I’m a little behind and the Austin and Boulder races have already taken place.)

Want $10.00 off?  Use the discount code AXERIN during registration!  I’ll be participating in the New York Metro race and would love to see you there!  Be sure to comment below if you’ll be attending!  Oh, and be sure to get your Diva attire in check ;) .  Mom and I coordinated last year with matching Old Navy Active shirts (just different colors), sparkly BicBands, and matching tutus.

Shape Diva Dash Mom and Me before Race

In case you’re not sold just yet… let me share a little more about the race.  Every 30 minutes (maybe 15 minutes?) a new wave starts.  I never felt rushed which I definitely appreciated since this was all new to me.  Some of the obstacles included…

A rope ladder to fireman’s pole…

Shape Diva Dash Mom on Fireman's Pole

A rock wall…

Shape Diva Dash Mom on Rock Wall

And a seesaw…the one I was most nervous for

Shape Diva Dash Seesaw

After it tipped I started to feel myself losing balance so I kind of just leaped off ;) .  Time was certainly not a goal here.  The goal was simply to have a fun filled day, complete each obstacle and spend time with (for me) family.

Shape Diva Dash Mom and Me at the Finish Line

I would recommend this race to anyone!!  So what’ stopping you!?  Find a group of your best girlfriends and get signed up :)  I guarantee you’ll make memories and have a blast!

Will you be attending the Diva Dash?  Don’t forget, use the discount code “AXERIN” for $10 off registration!

Any other obstacle course recommendations?

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