An Idea of My Current Weekday Workouts

I have been feeling very distracted at work so far this week.  I’m sure it’s partially because the holidays are right around the corner, and also because our internet at work has been wonky so when I finally get into the groove of things it cuts out.  Very.  Frustrating.  Anyway, let’s not talk about work, let’s chat about today :)


I started my day off with a simple Shakeology smoothie – 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup mixed berries, handful of ice, 1 vanilla Shakeology packet, approximately 1 cup of almond milk, plus some water to get everything moving/to the right consistency.

Banana Berry Shakeology

And then I ran out the door because both Josh and I overslept by a solid 30 minutes…again.  We really need to start going to bed on time (10:00pm) again.  For lunch I had more turkey meatballs and spaghetti squash.

Turkey Meatballs and Spaghetti Squash

As a snack around 4:30/5:00pm I had half of a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar.

Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar

And for dinner Josh made us chicken stir fry.

Chicken Stir Fry

As for dessert, I’m going to try very hard to resist the chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream in the freezer ;) .


Since I’m officially training for my half marathon in March I’ve been trying to fit in two, two mile jogs during the week.  Two miles may not sound like enough for training, but I’m doing what I can with the time that I have.  Along with my two mile jogs I’ve been fitting in a strength sequence that looks something like this…

My December Go-To Strength SequenceStability Ball Oblique Crunches
Stability Ball Pull Ins

I don’t do the same moves each time but I try to hit those muscle groups in some way.


Yesterday, I decided to become a Beachbody Coach again!  I had really been thinking about it for the past month or so and after ordering Shakeology and PiYo over Thanksgiving I’m hooked again!  I’ll chat more about why I decided to become a coach again in a later post but in the meantime if you have any questions about products or being a Coach let me know!

Make Up Monday: Food Network, Meal Prep and a 4 Mile Jog

Turkey Meatballs

Why do the weekends have to go by so quickly?  I miss being in college where you get three weeks off during the holidays.  All you college kids out there…ENJOY IT!!!  Since Josh and I have had very busy weekends lately (moving, Thanksgiving, etc.) we decided to be as lazy as possible this past weekend. [Read On]

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Five Things Friday #19

Short Hair Warped Tour Catherine

I decided to hop on the afternoon post band wagon today and took a full lunch hour to put this post together.  For today’s Five Things Friday post I’ll be linking up with Katie, Clare and Heather.  Thanks for the link-ups, ladies! #1… My family and I gave Josh “the best gift ever” Josh got his birthday and Christmas [Read On]

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Rudolph is ADOREABLE

Lean Cuisine, Broccoli and Salad

Hello!  I just need to say that Rudolph is ADOREABLE.  I was watching it tonight and couldn’t help but say “awww” when I saw this part. I have a secret though…I get pretty bored after about 10-15 minutes of the movie (shhh don’t tell anyone) so I switched over to a Hallmark movie which is [Read On]

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Sick Days Mess Me Up

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hello!  In case you didn’t see it on Instagram I wasn’t feeling too great yesterday so I skipped my blogging and workout. It felt like the flu coming on, but I’m happy to report I got a good night’s rest and woke up feeling much butter.  But…when I got home today from work I just [Read On]

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Five Things Friday #18

Edy's Peppermint Ice Cream

Happy, happy Friday!  Even though I’m still enjoying work I was feeling exhausted by Wednesday and was definitely eager for the weekend…and it’s finally here!  For today’s Five Things Friday post I’ll be linking up with Katie, Clare and Heather (<– love Heather’s Holiday Edition!).  Thanks for the link-ups, ladies! #1… Gym Time I absolutely love that we have a [Read On]

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I Love the Hallmark Channel in December

25 Minute 2 Mile Wog Watching The Voice

Hello!  I meant to pop in yesterday but plans changed and that’s okay.  Instead of working out I made a handful of trips to our storage unit in our building to get empty containers and summer clothes out of the apartment – I figured that was good enough and could skip the gym.  Josh and [Read On]

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Make Up Monday: Thanksgiving Weekend in Florida

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Warm Butterbeer

Hello!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend!  I was so lucky to make it out of New Jersey before the snow started on Wednesday and got back yesterday around 1pm with no problems and plenty of time to get settled, unpack and do a little bit of meal prep.  Before we get back to [Read On]

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