A Happy Monday

When we first moved to New Jersey, I was someone who hated Mondays.  I totally dreaded them.  I was simply not happy in my job and didn’t feel I was moving forward towards my dreams.  I had dreams then of immersing myself in the health and fitness world (teaching/blogging/anything else I could find).  Although that is still my dream, I’ve recognized that, at least for now…and for quite a while longer…these things as my passions and my hobbies, not my career.

Since switching jobs last October, my life has improved immensely.  I work in staffing.  I do not in anyway deal with health or fitness throughout my workday, but I am still happy.  I am good at what I do, but challenged to do better, knowing I can do better.  There are some really tough times…clients are difficult, candidates are entitled, deals fall through because of things that are simply out of my control.  BUT, there are times of absolute bliss, too.  Like today.  Today I was not only able to place a candidate in an opportunity that will propel their career forward, but I was shown gratitude from a candidate I previously placed who is absolutely loving their new job with a beautiful gift basket full of delicious goodies.

Gift Basket

How nice was that!?  On top of all that, I had started my day with a Rich Roll podcast on meditation.  Once I got to work I paused the podcast and took three minutes to meditate in my car repeating the mantra “I do not seek the light, I am the light.  I wash away all negativity” (paraphrased from the BexLife 21 Day Mantra Challenge) before heading into work.  On my lunch break I took 45 minutes to study my yoga teacher training material and then took 15 minutes to meditate using my Headspace app.  On my way home I finished up the Rich Roll podcast.  Once I was home, I made dinner…which was Enchilada Casserole by the way (an oldie but a goodie).  And I am about to sit down for a delicious dinner to be followed by some online yoga YouTube videos to be counted towards workshop hours.

Enchilada Casserole

What a fantastic Monday!  But this Monday wasn’t just a great Monday because of the things I just mentioned.  Today was a great Monday because I chose to focus on all of the good that was happening as opposed to the bad. I use to waste away my weeks only thinking about the fact that I wasn’t following my dreams.  Now, I focus on the good I’m able to contribute each and every day.

So next Monday, even when I likely won’t be making a placement or receiving another gift basket, I will be grateful for what I’m able to contribute to my job, to my family and to my life.  I will be grateful for my commute where I can listen to phenomenal people share their story.  I will be grateful for my ability to nourish my body through fitness.  I will be grateful for my fantastic fiance who works so hard to help provide for Cooper and myself.

I hope you’ll do this, too!

Oh, and one last thing I wanted to share…a bit off topic.  This past Saturday I took my yoga teacher training practical where I taught a 15 minutes sequence to about eight of my peers and received feedback from our instructor.  It felt SO good!  I passed, of course 😉 .  I forgot to explain “what is yoga” (WHOOPS!) but besides that and speaking just a bit too quickly I totally rocked it!  This has gotten me so excited to begin teaching yoga, hopefully in both a group setting and privately.  I graduate mid-December!

Yoga Teacher Training Practical

That’s all!  Make the rest of your Monday a great day, and propel yourself forward with positivity the rest of the week.

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Wedding Venues Collage - Martha's Vineyard

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