Rehearsal Dinner Dress Shopping

Hello from Florida! I meant to get this post out yesterday but time simply got away.  I wrote it in the car on our way from Winter Garden to Englewood to visit my parent’s “new” vacation home. They’ve actually had it for about 6 months but I had yet to see it. The water is so much calmer on the gulf side and we’ve had a blast spending our days out on the boat.  They also have a great deck with an amazing view of the water.

Parent's House in Englewood, FL

I might recap more of the weekend later on but for now, I just wanted to share with you Saturday’s shopping adventures.  Enjoy :) .

Saturday morning my mom drove me check out the local (Winter Garden) cold pressed juice shop, Press’d Juice Bar & Kitchen.   It was a cute spot in the Plant St. Market and I picked out a green juice (that was made earlier that morning), which contained kale, spinach, cucumber, apple, cilantro and lime.

Press'd Juice Bar in Winter Garden, FL

Press’d also offers custom juices, smoothies, and vegan bites. After breakfast we headed to the mall to start shopping. We were searching for rehearsal dinner dresses and a mother of the bride dress for Mom. Our shopping trip was a success! Mom found both rehearsal dinner and mother of the bride dresses. I was torn between two rehearsal dinner dresses for myself. The first was a navy blue Jessica Howard dress. It’s hard to tell in this picture but the top is kind of sparkly and then the sleeves are lace.

Rehearsal Dress Option 2 Jessica Howard

If I kept this dress, I would plan to get it hemmed a few inches so it would sit right at the knee, and I would pair it with some strappy nude/light brown heels. The second dress was a bit more dramatic and was a Betsy and Adam dress.

Rehearsal Dress Option 1 - Betsy and Adam

It really wouldn’t need much work… just a quick hem and I’d pair it with some black heels. I’ve officially chosen which dress I’ll be wearing but I’m keeping that a surprise until the day of :) . In between all the shopping we went to Tijuana Flats for lunch. We ordered the trio appetizer and I also ordered a black bean burrito bowl, no dairy.

Tijuana Flats

In case your confused by food choices, let me take a quick moment to explain. I have chosen to stop eating meat for the time being (made the decision about two months ago). I have seafood every once in a while, primarily when traveling, but don’t plan to make it a large part of my diet.  I’ve been avoiding dairy because I feel better without it… but have not completely eliminated it. I treat myself here and there, and going out to eat is a little easier when you’re not as strict about dairy. There are plenty of reasons to give up meat (and animal byproducts)… environmental, animal rights, and health… and I’m doing what makes me feel like I’m reducing the amount of harm I contribute to our environment, it’s animals and my health. I’m also not being so strict that I make myself (and the people around me) miserable. Moving on!!

After lunch I got my hair cut (trimmed and layered) and then we heading back out for more shopping. We passed these Kate Spade colorful kettles.

Kate Spade Kettle

Josh says we don’t need a kettle… but there’s just something fun about a kettle! Anyone else feel this way? We also saw these shot glasses, one says bride and one says groom.

Bride and Groom Shot Glasses

I think it’d be fun to have taking a shot from these incorporated into our first look pictures… but I’m still convincing Josh.  To wrap up the day, we met my aunt and cousin at dinner and I enjoyed a black bean burger.. which I took a picture of but the picture just doesn’t look pretty so I’m leaving that out.

I know which dress I’m picking… are either dresses your style? If so, which you would you pick?

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