Make Up Monday: Date Night Friday, Sleepy Saturday and Productive Sunday

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Blogging with a new puppy and a full time job is HARD!  I don’t know how you mommy bloggers with jobs do this!!!  Cooper’s vizsla colors are truly starting to show (aka, he’s becoming a complete and utter terror…of cuteness…and energy), and I find myself wanting to do nothing but sleep when he finally settles down.  Not tonight, though!  Let’s chat about the weekend!


Friday Josh and I finally got a date night.  We went out to dinner leaving Cooper with some peanut butter.  That’s fair, right?  We ordered Shrimp and Lump Crab Bites,

Morris Tap Crab and Shrimp Bites

Buffalo Chicken and Bacon Dip,

Morris Tap Buffalo Chicken and Bacon Dip

and for my entree I got the Zucchini Lasagna Roll (which was essentially veggies wrapped in veggies covered with a tomato basil sauce) which was delicious.

Morris Tap Zucchini Lasagna Rollup

After dinner we spiced up our date night by…….going to Trader Joe’s!!  No seriously, we were so excited about this!  Trader Joe’s is a solid 30 minutes away from home now that we moved so we figured let’s just get it out of the way while we’re out so we can relax with Cooper on Saturday.  Oh how I’ve missed Trader Joe’s.  We stocked up on some easy freezer meals such as gyoza and crab cakes which will make for some easy dinners.


Saturday Cooper had quite the morning.  We started our day with his very first puppy kindergarten class.  He got put with the little dogs because he was acting all shy and reserved.  Silly Coop!  He had a blast and did very well.  After training we headed to the normal grocery store to grab some last minute items and Cooper and I hung outside and let people give him treats.  Socialization, people!  Next, we went to the vet…womp womp.  Coop Coop had to get his lyme disease vaccine and boy oh boy did it hurt.  He was knocked on his butt the whole rest of the day and his right bum was very sore.

Sad Tired Cooper (vizsla puppy) 11 weeks old

Sad pup.  On our way home from the vet Josh picked up sandwiches to eat once we were home.  I got a roasted veggie and mozzarella sandwich.

Sergio's Denville, NJ roasted veggie and mozzarella sandwich

After lunch Cooper and I laid down on the coach and took a 4 hour nap.  FOUR HOURS!!  I honestly never a nap.  Never ever.  So this was shocking yet so, so refreshing.  I was sad Cooper wasn’t feeling good but so grateful for the break.  Soon enough it was dinner time and Josh made us our favorite Slow Roasted Filet with Basil Parmesan Mayonnaise.

Slow Roasted Filet with Basil Parmesan Mayo


I will never be able to make this look pretty but I swear it’s delicious!!!


Sunday for breakfast we obviously had to have leftovers with an egg on top.

Slow Roasted Filet leftovers (breakfast hash)

Then it was time for me to get cooking!  I had decided to make some easy pasta freezer meals via The Pioneer Woman.  First one was Veggie Lasagna Rollups (I made the recipe smaller).

The Pioneer Woman Veggie Lasagna Rollups to freeze

Second one was Three Cheese Stuffed Shells with Meaty Tomato Sauce (I split the recipe between two pans – 15 shells each).

Pioneer Woman Three Cheese Stuffed Shells with Meaty Tomato Sauce

Probably should have taken this picture before I covered it with sauce.  Either way, I’m super happy to have an entree ready to go and that I know exactly what went into it.  For both recipes I replaced half the ricotta cheese with low fat cottage cheese.  I also made batches of Overnight Oats and a giant fruit salad for the week.  Later on I tried taking Cooper for a walk but he just cried and cried.  I think he’s afraid of the cars…we’ll see.  On to dinner…it was SPECTACULAR.  Josh made this Pan-Seared Scallops with Prosecco Butter Sauce recipe.

Pan-Seared Scallops with Prosecco Butter Sauce via Sur La Table

So incredible!  And that pretty much wraps up my weekend.  The highlights…amazing food and a four hour nap!

What were you up to this weekend?

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