A Day in Brooklyn {Smorgasburg & Brooklyn Brewery}

I just wanted to pop in to recap the rest of my parents’ visit from last weekend :) .  To see part 1 click here!

Saturday morning we woke up and relaxed for the most part.  Dad went on his run but Mom, Josh and I all slept in.  After breakfast we caught an 11:00am train into the city.

Mom and Dad - Allendale Train Station to NY Penn Station

Although driving is way easier (and takes way less time) we wanted my parents to experience good ole’ NJ transit ;) .  Once we got into the city we took an Uber into Brooklyn where we planned on spending the day.  Have you ever head of Uber?  It is such an amazing app!  You enter your location and where you want to go and it automatically gives you an estimated cost (including a 20% tip).  If you book the trip it sends you a picture of your driver, a map of where he is and the make/model of the car you’ll be picked up in.  We used in in DC a couple of weekends ago and was our go-to choice for transportation once we made it into NYC.  Anyway, on our way into Brooklyn we realized the restaurant we planned on going to was only serving brunch so we made a quick change of plans and headed to Smorgasburg.

Smorgasburg Crowd in Brooklyn

This picture doesn’t do justice to how many vendors there were and how packed it really was.  There were over 75 food vendors and the options were overwhelming…but in a good way.  Oh, and the view was awesome!

View of Manhattan from Smorgasburg in Brooklyn

We chose to munch on some spicy barbecue wings from Dan and John’s which were amaaazing, perfectly crisp fries with garlic aioli, two different kinds of lobster rolls (one with mayo and one with a vinaigrette which I would love to try and recreate one day) and delicious chicken tacos with homemade tortillas.

Smorgasburg Collage Brooklyn

After our time exploring Smorgasburg we headed over to the Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Brewery

There was such a long line – I was shocked!!  Although I wasn’t thrilled about standing around and waiting, we waited and I must admit it was worth the wait.

Brooklyn Brewery

When we finally got into the building we were told the tours were sold out for the day.  Whomp, whomp.  Luckily for us, however, we were standing near the line when the last tour started and when we were asked if we had tickets we said we were told it was sold out but we would love to go.  The guy ended up letting us in and our tour guide was phenomenal.

Tour of Brooklyn Brewery

I was so, so, so happy that the we ended up being able to take the tour.  It 100% made all of that waiting around worth it!

Mom, Dad and Me at the Brooklyn Brewery

By the time we finished up at the brewery and got back to Penn Station it was late and we had to do more waiting for a 7:00pm train.  The only things with that was that train was cancelled so we ended up waiting for a 7:30pm train.  Luckily for us Josh’s sister prepped all of dinner for us so even though we didn’t make it back to Josh’s house until 9:30pm dinner came together by 10:00pm.  (Sorry, a 10:00pm dinner means no picture.)  I can honestly say we all slept very well that night :) .

And that wraps up their trip for the most part!  The next day they were kind enough to tag along with us to the Ramsey Farmer’s market and our local grocery stores before dropping them off at the airport.  To be honest, this week was tough but we already have a trip planned to Asheville for my birthday the first weekend in October so I’m just looking forward to seeing them then.  I’ll see my crazy pups, too – I can’t wait!

Question of the Day 

Have you ever used Uber?

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