{Happy Thanksgiving!} Things I Am Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I just wanted to pop in on one of my favorite holidays to share some things I’m truly grateful for at this point in my life :)

#1… I’m thankful for my family

Family pictures from last year's Turkey Trot

Family pictures from last year’s Turkey Trot

This one is pretty simple.  I’m super grateful for my family and all their support…okay, well support from Mom and Dad and we’ll call it “honesty” from Emily ;) .  I’m grateful I get to see them throughout the year even though we are scattered throughout the east coast these days.   And I’m grateful they let me talk their ears off during my former hour long commutes home from work, and before that put up with me hardly calling at all because my work hours were so crazy.  I’m so, so happy to be here in Florida spending time with everyone.  (Unfortunately Emily couldn’t make it but I’ll see her at Christmas.)

#2… Speaking of Christmas…I’m thankful for Christmas music and movies

Childhood Christmas Movies

Okay, this one may seem silly but these are truly two things that make me very happy!  I just love a good lovey dovey Christmas movie – I don’t care that it’s corny and predictable!!  As for Christmas music, I love obnoxiously singing it around the house and in my car, and I grew up singing these songs with my grandma which makes is special, too.

#3… Josh

Josh and Me Applewood Orchards

I suppose this one could be grouped together with family but in a way it’s  different so I’m separating the two.  I’m so grateful to have Josh in my life :)  We aren’t perfect, and we do our fair share of bickering, but we also bring out the good in each other.  We are both stubborn and therefore we have to remind each other to be open minded and patient.  To be completely corny…he is the love of my life!

#4… My Health

Health Quote (picture source)

Since I consider myself to be a healthy living blogger you probably saw this one coming.  I am grateful to be healthy!  And I am grateful that I have learned how to treat my body right.  I’m still learning and I still have a long way to go but I have the ability to work on my health.  It is in my hands and something I can control, and for that I am truly grateful.

This post could go on and on but instead of rambling I’ll round it up here.  Some other things I’m grateful for would have to include… our new apartment, a job I can seek my teeth into, and all of YOU!  Thank you for spending a little time with me on Thanksgiving and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day :)

So tell me…

What are you thankful for?

And what are your plans for the day?


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