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I have always tried to focus on quality over quantity here on Treats and Sneaks and I just haven’t had the time recently to put out (what I feel are) quality posts.  So, I’m taking a little break.  Not from sharing my life, but from putting pressure on myself about getting blog posts out… that pressure only leads to guilt which just isn’t productive.  In the meantime you can check me out on Instagram (@treatsandsneaks).  I’ll be posting some monologues there such as yesterday’s :) .

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Time to refresh… breathe… and not be so hard on myself. I’ve taught a handful of yoga classes now and I’ve learned that my idea of “gentle” yoga is actually intermediate. I don’t give myself enough credit when it comes to my ability to teach a challenging class because I don’t always feel strong myself…but I AM!!! I teach dynamic and sweaty classes and that’s my strong suit. I don’t teach advanced poses like head stands or arm balances, but I don’t excel at teaching beginners either. I am at my best with students who want to work up a sweat and already know a little bit about yoga (such as the names for standard poses). Today I walked into a class that I knew nothing about as a sub (…big mistake not taking the time to connect with the regularly scheduled teacher). I had students at every level (unable to do downward dog, senior students, big buff guys, and everything else in between). The entire time I felt torn. I was getting such mixed “vibes” if you will. The truth was I couldn’t please everyone. I’m still learning and I’m glad to have these learning experiences early on. One lady who was having trouble with some standard poses left in the middle of class. At the end of class the two big buff guys walked out with saying anything. One girl asked where I normally teach and I couldn’t tell if she was asking because she liked my style or wanted to stay far away. And one girl said it wasn’t anything like their normal class but it was just what she needed. I can’t say I am fully proud of the class I taught, but I am extremely proud of the way I handled a new-to-me situation. End of story, I am strong, I am healthy, and I am an awesome vinyasa yoga teacher.#liveandlearn #iamstrong #iamhealthy#yogateacher #yoga #vinyasa#sweatpink #fitfluential

I’ll be back with full blog posts at some point.  Right now I’m putting my efforts into focusing on my job, eating healthy, staying active, loving on Cooper, and, last but not least, focusing on my relationship with Josh.  See you all on Instagram :) .

What We’ve Missed


Hello!  Although I had fallen off the face of the planet for a while there, I’m back!  I thought I’d pop in for a quick post to catch us up on some things that we’ve missed.  Let’s get to it!!  For one, Cooper has been his adorable self… For whatever reason he’s not 100% amused [Read On]

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Five Things Friday #41

Exercise Ball at the Office

Happy Friday, all!  I’m popping in for a QUICK Five Things Friday post before heading out to dinner with Josh.  Be sure to share things that have been making you happy in the comments below #1… Pumpkin Coffee My new office has pumpkin K-Cups… it’s the little things. #2… Exercise Ball There are a few exercise [Read On]

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Mid-Week Check In

BodyPump Group X Class

Hello!  We’ve made it through Wednesday… WAHOOO!  Today was my first week in my new office so I took the opportunity to build new healthy habits.  Monday and Tuesday I had 5:15am wake up calls and I plan to do the same tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.  Today was my day off from working out which gave [Read On]

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Settling in to Greensboro

Old Navy Dress

It is amazing that we are (essentially) fully settled in to our new apartment in Greensboro, NC.  It feels incredible to be back and I feel so fortunate I was able to take the week off (and have my mom here) to really get us set up.  The apartment looks great .  Today was a [Read On]

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Before and After – Living Room Decor

Before Picture - Black Side Table

Hello!  Time for a day 2 recap of our move to Greensboro, NC.  I really haven’t touched on our work situations… but Josh and I are (fortunately) both sticking with our previous companies.  Josh will be working remotely and since my company is national there’s a branch just one town over I can work with.  Smooth [Read On]

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From New Jersey to North Carolina

Moving In to Greensboro Apartment - Total Mess

We’ve made it!  Josh and I arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina Sunday night.  After two small snafus (1) the apartment failed to put our keys in the apartment unlocked for us since we would be arriving after they closed and (2) the truck didn’t fit on the road like we were told it would… everything [Read On]

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Five Things Friday #40

Cooper (Vizsla) Ears Blowing In The Wind

We’re One Week Away I can hardly believe our move is just one week away now.  Around this time next week I’ll be picking up Emily (my sister) from the airport.  She’s going to drive my car down so I can drive Josh’s car and Josh can drive the moving truck.  We’ll be packing the [Read On]

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