A Spontaneous Weekend

Okay, this is going to be a long one but I’m excited to share so hang in there :) 

Getting up Monday morning was hard.  Josh and I got back from DC around 10:15pm Sunday night and I had to be up by 5:45am.  It wasn’t pretty and I was running a bit late but my day went by fairly quickly without too much work drama.  But let’s not talk about work…let’s talk about the weekend!

I worked on Saturday and towards the end of the day my phone suddenly blew up.

Josh Text Message DC

(To explain the top part…I washed and dried my purple robe and there are now fuzzies everywhere because it started shedding like crazy!  And no, Josh, I will not be throwing it away.)  As soon as I saw his texts I knew he was being serious and I was totally on board!  I interned in DC for a summer in college and fell in love with the city…and the restaurant Founding Farmers.  It is absolutely incredible but we’ll get to that in just a bit.  As soon as I got off of work around 1:30pm I headed home, grabbed some lunch, packed up and then we were off by 3:00pm.  It’s about a 5 hour drive from where we live in NJ to DC and fairly simple – but I was grateful that Josh was driving.  That meant I got to relax and catch up on some magazines.

Road Trip to DC

Moving back a bit, we booked our hotel as soon as I got home via HotelTonight.com (we used the app).  Josh recommended the app and it worked out wonderfully.  We chose the Topaz Hotel.  The room was a great size and in a wonderful location (close to Dupont Circle).

The Topaz Hotel DC

After settling in we met up with Josh’s sister and one of her friends for the main event…dinner at Founding Farmers!  I really should have taken pictures of the restaurant but I was tired from a day of work and driving and it was 9:30pm.  So I think I get a pass ;) .  I did, of course, take pictures of the food!  We started off with Bacon Lollis and the Breads, Chips & Crisps.

Founding Farmers Breads, Chips & Crisps DC

As my cocktail I had the Cucumber Delight.  This was a new to me item unlike the rest of dinner and it was definitely as delicious as our waiter promised.

Founding Farmers Cucumber Delight Cocktail DC

And for dinner I had to order the Chicken Pot Pie.

Founding Farmers Chicken Pot Pie DC

Chicken Pot Pie is truly one of my favorites foods but not something I eat (or order) too often.  Founding Farmers’ Chicken Pot Pie is truly worth a five hour drive…try it and I guarantee you’ll agree with me :) .  I ate a little more than half and was beyond stuffed.  After dinner we headed to Circa for some after dinner drinks and to meet up with one of Josh’s high school friends who lives in DC.  Now this is where the night gets a little blurry.  I could have sworn I ordered a vodka soda but I have a picture of this delicious looking concoction.

Circa After Dinner Drinks DC

Maybe I ordered both?  Not sure.  Either way, suddenly it’s 2:00am and I can’t imagine how on earth I’m still up!  I mean, I typically go to bed at 10:00pm!  Josh’s friend suggested gyros and I declined but tagged along.  And then 10 minutes after returning to our hotel room I ordered pizza and fell asleep before it arrived.  Whoops!  To Josh’s dismay he got out of bed when the pizza guy was knocking on the door.  I had a few bites and went straight back to bed.  Ridiculous, I know.

We slept in Sunday morning and had a few bites of the leftover pizza before fully getting up, ready and packed.  I was definitely sad the trip had to end so soon but excited that we still had some good food and sight seeing on the agenda.  But first, we needed coffee!

Starbucks Skinny Iced Vanilla Latte

I ordered a tall skinny vanilla latte (<– my fav!).  After coffee we headed over to Sweet Green for salads.  When I was interning Sweet Green was a weekly necessity.  I would eat half for dinner and bring the other half along for lunch the next day.  I love how fresh their ingredients are and just the overall atmosphere.

Sweet Green DC

I ordered their Guacamole Greens salad and resisted the urge to scarf down the whole thing.

Sweet Green Guacamole Greens Salad DC

After lunch it was time for some sight seeing.  We saw…

the Washington Monument

Washington Monument DC

the World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial DC

the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial DC

and The White House

The White House DC

I absolutely love DC because so many of the tourist hot spots are free!  I could easily spend days wandering throughout the monuments and museums.  Soon enough (too soon) it was time to pick the car up from the hotel valet and head back home.  We hit a decent amount of traffic towards the end so we opted to eat a sit down dinner as opposed to sitting in the car in stop-and-go traffic.  We chose Chili’s and started out with a trio appetizer and for dinner I ordered their Margarita Fresh Mex Bowl.

Chili's Margarita Fresh Mex Bowl

It was pretty tasty and I was honestly surprised by how yummy some of the items on their menu sounded.  They’ve definitely vamped on their menu items recently!  Once we finished eating we hopped back in the car and were relieved to see traffic had let up a bit.  Around 10:15pm we walked in the door.  I immediately dropped all of my bags, put on pajamas, and fell asleep.

The End

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite place to visit?

Any suggestions for my next trip to DC?

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