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Happy Wednesday – I hope you’ve had an awesome day!  It’s time for another WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) over here. As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting Yesterday I woke up with plenty of time to get ready and was actually able to whip up something hot for breakfast.  It has been a long [Read On]

Target Practice Tuesday #1: An Introduction

Yes, I want to run (participate by wogging) in a half marathon…but I haven’t fallen in love with running yet.  Not one little bit.  I thought after my first 5K something would just click, but it didn’t.  I don’t absolutely hate it, but it’s not something I really look forward to.  On the bright side, [Read On]

A Simple Recap

Today’s post is a simple recap of some of today’s happenings.  After yesterday’s forever long “Make-Up Sunday” post I figured we could all take a break ;). Lunch was super simple since there wasn’t much in the house when I initially made it (I made it before grocery shopping). After work I headed home, changed [Read On]

Changing It Up: Make-Up Sunday

I know I’ve already said this but I just feel like my posts are all over the place (specifically as far as time and day goes).  This new work schedule was thrown me for a loop, especially since I’m the type of girl who likes her schedule.  Oh well, I’m just doing the best I [Read On]

5-4-3-2-1 Run + Circuit

Well hello there!  Today started early and I ate lunch while working which meant I got to head home around 3:30pm!  Woohoo for flexible schedules! Workout I decided to hit the gym as soon as I got home and since it was only about 4:15/4:30pm I had the whole (kind of small) place to myself [Read On]

Bodypump Release #86

I am ALL over the place right now!  With my schedule (for the rest of July and all of August) requiring me to get to work at 7:30am (a half hour earlier than normal) I’ve decided to switch to PM workouts (at least for the time being).  I have never been a morning person, but [Read On]

WIAW #3: 5K Race Day Eats

Hi, friends!  Welcome to another WIAW post!  (And thanks to Jenn for hosting.) Today I’m going to cover all of the food I ate on the day of my first 5K.  Please note, I did not make any special decisions for race day except for drinking a ton of water and having something light yet [Read On]

Getting Serious: 8K and 10K Training Plan

It’s time for me to buckle down!  I took a super casual approach to my 5K Training; I want the opposite to be true about my 8K/10K/Half Marathon Training.  For the next 5-6 months I’m going to take my workouts seriously and get plenty of sleep. Getting to sleep on time has definitely been a [Read On]

Work Training

Wondering why my posts have been sporadic?  I’m currently in week 1 of 6 for work training which means I’m kind of all over the place and not always able to post at lunch and/or get home in time to eat dinner, prep for tomorrow and still have time to post.  Once I’m settled in [Read On]

First 5K Reflection: Beat the Heat

Saturday (June 20, 2013) I completed my first 5K.  Specifically I completed the Beat the Heat 5K hosted by Twin City Track Club.  I ran the first 1.5 miles and wogged (walked/jogged) the rest of the way.  I must have been booking it at the beginning and just overall running faster than I normally do [Read On]