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WIAW #7: Food from the Vineyard

FINALLY, I bring you the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) post about all of the food I ate while at Martha’s Vineyard. As always thanks to Jenn for hosting! Disclaimer As you will see I ate A LOT on this trip…and I ate when I wasn’t even hungry.  I was exhausted the entire trip (but [Read On]

Easy Dinner: Pizza and Wings

Well, hello there!  I just thought I’d stop in for a quick minute.  I ended up having to travel three hours away for work today and then three hours back so my workout most definitely didn’t happen…nor did dinner.  Josh and I had a salsa chicken dish planned but we were both tired and decided [Read On]

Make-Up Monday: Overnight Oats without Yogurt Recipe

Hello friends!  I’m feeling very motivated this Monday afternoon.  I felt really off last week and never really got into the groove of things so I’m happy to feel workout anticipation bubbling up inside of me.  If I could go workout right now I would…but I have this thing called work so I can’t :(. [Read On]

Target Practice #4

I first came across “Target Practice” on Jillienne’s blog Chasing Raspberries who got it from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  Both do things a little differently but, to me, the overall idea is about keeping your goals in check and in the present!  I’ll be focusing on improvements in food, fitness and life…since we’re all [Read On]

Greek Patties

Hi all!  I just wanted to pop in to share a bit from today. I started off my day with a batch of Overnight Oats and a banana.  I’ve recently seen a couple of bloggers post overnight oats without the yogurt and plan on trying that out next week.  If it still fills me up it [Read On]

Blogger Fails

(picture source) So, I’m just going to throw this out there…I’ve had quite the number of Blogger Fails since starting Treats and Sneaks a couple of months ago.  My goal was to be consistent and post twice a day…yeah about that.  I’m 100% not consistent, flip flop on my weekly features on the reg and [Read On]

Martha’s Vineyard Fun

Hello friends!  I’m back to reality :(.  Martha’s Vineyard was amazing and I’m so happy I finally got to go!  Josh goes every summer and I have been invited the past couple of times but it always interfered with my own summer plans so he would just brag about it.  Well, now it’s my turn [Read On]

Travel Troubles

My Friday started off fairly pleasant.  It took me a bit to get up since I had been up late the night before packing and what not but I eventually made it out of bed.  I had a yogurt bowl that consisted of Chobani’s Low Fat Banana Yogurt (<–would be so incredibly good in Greek [Read On]


Okay, I don’t remember the last time I was awake past 10:45pm on a weekday, but here we are!  Tomorrow Josh and I are leaving for Martha’s Vineyard which I am beyond excited about!  (You know just vacationing with Obama…kind of ;).)  I’ve been traveling like crazy for work this week and then trying to get things [Read On]

Target Practice Tuesday #3: If at first you don’t succeed…

(Sorry this post has 0 pictures :(.  On the bright side, I’m talking about something that lies very close to my heart…see below under Running for a Cause.) Yeah, you know the saying…if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.  Well, that’s what I’m doing.  Although I was and still am very proud of [Read On]