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Make-Up Monday (Hiking at Hanging Rock) and Goals for the Week {9/30/13}

Man, oh, man… I’m  having such a hard time getting up in the morning.  The sun isn’t rising until after 7:00am making a 6:00am wake up call next to impossible.  I woke up at 6:40am this morning and thought… “how on earth did I regularly get up at 5:30am just a couple months ago?”  Clearly, [Read On]

Our First Attempt at Parmesan Cajun “Wings”

Well, hello, there!  I planned on posting this morning and catching us up from last night but luckily remembered (just in time) that I was suppose to be in Charlotte for work at 9:00am!  So, I rushed to get ready and was off for the day. Food  Last night Josh and I decided to make [Read On]

You Are Your Own Guru

Good morning!  Little confession, all last week and the past two days I slept through my alarm.  I, according to Josh, would roll over, turn it off and then go back to bed, but I had no recollection of doing so!  I asked Josh to kick me out of bed today no matter what because [Read On]

Goals for the Week {9/23/13}

***Sorry about posting two things in a row.  Apparently my settings were for the wrong time zone.  Whoops!  Oh well, the problem is now fixed.*** Here are my goals for the week!  I’ll review them in this weekend’s Target Practice post :). Fitness Complete Best Body Bootcamp Start to Finish, Full Out, No Excuses – This one is pretty [Read On]

Make-Up Monday (Hiking) & Target Practice #7

Because this post has the potential to be forever long I’m going to only “talk” about Sunday for Make-Up Monday (aka I’m just going to insert a bunch of pictures with captions) and I’ll keep the Target Practice explanations short :). Sunday We guestimated that over the entire day we probably hiked/walked between 5 and [Read On]

Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had

So, I thought about doing a Fit Talk Friday this week but since all of my Best Body Bootcamp workouts were repeats from last week I figured that may be a little boring.  So, we’ll do it every other week when the workouts are updated. For now, I figured I’d update you a bit on [Read On]

Banana Cream Mocha Smoothie

So, I’ve noticed something in my last few posts…I have no pictures of me!!!  …And I know why.  When I switched roles for work my dress code changed.  I use to be able to dress business casual (aka wear super cute clothes), but now I wear a polo with pants.  And let’s be real, for [Read On]

The Beginning of Fall Cleaning

So, I know most people do Spring Cleaning, but I’m more of a Fall Cleaning kind of gal.  Fall/winter clothes are my absolute favorite so it’s much easier for me to clean out my closet when I’m getting rid of summer clothes as opposed to winter.  More on this in a bit… Food I started [Read On]

A little motivation for you

So, you may have seen this already on Treats and Sneaks’ Facebook or Twitter but I wanted to post it here as well. I’m currently using this as my laptop background.  I’ve been wanting a bit more motivation lately and figured seeing a compilation of awesome fitness mantras (thank you Pinterest) on a daily basis might [Read On]

Ravioli from Vace

Hello, friends!  Or should I say, “good morning, sunshine!” as Robin Meade always says.  I am obsessed with HLN, specifically Morning Express with Robin Meade . (picture source) I love getting all the tid bits of weather, sports, celebrity and real news.  I started watching Morning Express when I interned in DC last summer because I felt like [Read On]