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Moving Logistics

I am officially up in New Jersey which, in case you missed it, is my new home!  We got to see our apartment (technically it’s a condo) for the first time yesterday afternoon.  It’s much older than our place in Greensboro, North Carolina but we have a lot more space, a wonderful patio and overall [Read On]

Last Day in Greensboro

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I am exhasuted.  We packed up our moving pods yesterday and I finished the rest of the packing this afternoon while Josh made the drive up to set some things up over the next few days.  I can’t wait to head up tomorrow and then (hopefully) get settled this weekend Food For breakfast [Read On]

Goals for the Week {1/27/14}

It’s time to set some goals for the week!  Don’t forget, if you’re a fellow blogger there’s a link up below  Fitness Complete Week 4 of P90X3 – Week 4 is a transition week which works quite nicely since I’ll be going through quite the transition myself (a.k.a. moving)!  So, my goal is to complete at least [Read On]

P90X3 Week 3 Review

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 3 weeks.  P90X3 is AMAZING!!!  The first three weeks consist of the same workouts so you’ll notice the schedule hasn’t changed.  Next week will be a transition week (with different workouts) and then I’ll start another set of workouts that will remain the same for the 3 weeks. [Read On]

Target Practice #16

I first came across “Target Practice” on Jillienne’s blog Chasing Raspberries who got it from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  Both do things a little differently but, to me, the overall idea is about keeping your goals in check and in the present!  I’ll be focusing on improvements in food, fitness and life…since we’re all about balancing those [Read On]

Five Things Friday #4 (My Big News!!!)

So, a lot of bloggers do a special post on Friday that includes five fun facts, five random facts, five things they’ve been loving lately, etc.  And I’ve decided to hop on the band wagon!  My Five Things Friday will be a list of five things and might change every week from fun facts to [Read On]

Hungry Days

You may have seen on the Treats and Sneaks Facebook Page that today was a hungry day.  I just couldn’t seem to feel full and satisfied…until around 2:00pm.  Then I was good to go until dinner!  I had noticed from my food journal that focuses on carbohydrates, proteins and fats (I’m following the P90X3 Nutrition [Read On]

Choco PB Shake-O Bites

I don’t know about you…but I love an easy recipe that will satisfy my sweet tooth without breaking the calorie bank.  Last night, I made these Choco PB Shake-O Bites and they are fabulous!  I modified a no-bake Shakeology cookie recipe and made bites instead.  I didn’t expect these to be anything special so I [Read On]

Goals for the Week {1/20/14}

Let’s set some goals to start our week off right!  Don’t forget, if you’re a fellow blogger there’s a link up below  Fitness Complete Week 3 of P90X3 – My goal for this week is to continue to push myself.  When I’m struggling I plan to remind myself it’s only 30 minutes!  I also want to complete [Read On]

P90X3 Week 2 Review

Day 8 (Total Synergistics) – I definitely felt improvement from last week.  My balance was better and I was able to push myself a bit harder since I didn’t feel so lost. Weights: I used 10 lbs for everything except for the Side Rise Punch where I used 2.5 lbs. I was on the road [Read On]