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{Review & Giveaway} Old Factory Candles Gift Set

Disclaimer: The following is a post sponsored by Old Factory Candles – all opinions are my own. Need a last minute gift for that hostess with the mostess?  I have the most wonderful idea for you, an Old Factory Candle Gift Set. I absolutely love candles so when Old Factory Candles reached out to me a month [Read On]

My 2015 Goals {#REALSolutions}

Hello!  I actually planned on scheduling this to go out tomorrow morning while I flew back to New Jersey but I was so excited I felt the need to hit “publish” right this second.   I want to post about my 2015 Goals today. I did a post like this last year but fell off the [Read On]

Five Things Friday #21: Five Things from Christmas Day

Hello!  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I know I enjoyed time with my family, good food and some relaxation.  For today’s Five Things Friday I’m going to share 5 highlights from my Christmas day.  I’d love to hear about yours, too – just comment below .  I’ll be linking up with Katie and Heather #1… Dad’s [Read On]

WIAW #14: A Very Strange Dinner

I’m bringing back good ole’ WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} today.  I’m currently on a plane to North Carolina to spend time with my family for the holiday which I couldn’t be more excited about .  The only bad part… my sister doesn’t have wifi!  How will a blogger ever survive?!  If I don’t show [Read On]

Let’s Chat: Accountability

I can hardly express how excited I am to be kicking off the New Year as a Beachbody team member!  The support and accountability is truly astounding – there’s no better network out there for living a healthy and balanced life because the focus is on fitness AND nutrition. (picture source)  To be completely transparent, [Read On]

{Recipe} Grandma’s Mashed Potatoes

I have a very special recipe to share with you today.  No, it’s not healthy…not even a little bit.  It’s just good ole’ Grandma’s Mashed Potatoes.  There’s a good chance this recipe actually came from someone else in my family but Grandma always made them during the holidays and I always served as her taste [Read On]

Five Things Friday #20…on Saturday

I’m a little late with my Five Things Friday post since yesterday got a little crazy but I’m ready to share today .  I’ll still be linking up with Katie and Heather.  Thanks for the link-ups, ladies! #1… Using a To-Do List I’m actually a pretty busy gal.  Between a full time job, this blog, training for a [Read On]

An Idea of My Current Weekday Workouts

I have been feeling very distracted at work so far this week.  I’m sure it’s partially because the holidays are right around the corner, and also because our internet at work has been wonky so when I finally get into the groove of things it cuts out.  Very.  Frustrating.  Anyway, let’s not talk about work, [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Food Network, Meal Prep and a 4 Mile Jog

Why do the weekends have to go by so quickly?  I miss being in college where you get three weeks off during the holidays.  All you college kids out there…ENJOY IT!!!  Since Josh and I have had very busy weekends lately (moving, Thanksgiving, etc.) we decided to be as lazy as possible this past weekend. [Read On]

Five Things Friday #19

I decided to hop on the afternoon post band wagon today and took a full lunch hour to put this post together.  For today’s Five Things Friday post I’ll be linking up with Katie, Clare and Heather.  Thanks for the link-ups, ladies! #1… My family and I gave Josh “the best gift ever” Josh got his birthday and Christmas [Read On]