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Who Else Is Watching The Biggest Loser Season Finale!?

Anybody else out there watching The Biggest Loser Season Finale!?  I’m so excited!!!  I’m allowing it to tape for a bit before I start watching so I don’t have to watch as many commercials.  Until I hit play, let’s chat about food and fitness from the day. Food I started my day with a Van’s [Read On]

Alaska: The Last Frontier is Awesome (and other randomness)

Do I need to address the fact that I’ve been MIA for about a week and a half now?  Sometimes a girl just wants to come home, sit on the couch with her man, and drink some wine. And some girls want to do that for a week straight 😉 .  I think I will [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Puppy News, Ice, and Good Food

Ready for a little weekend recap!  I’m not going to touch on everything, just the things that stand out .  We’ll start with Saturday… Saturday Breakfast was incredibly filling and yummy – 2 poached eggs over brown rice and buffalo chicken style chicken sausage. It was delicious and super simple since I used leftover rice [Read On]

WIAW #15: This Week’s Eats

Okay, I promised I’d pop in for a delayed WIAW so here I am!  We are still waiting to see if we will be bringing home a puppy this March…and I’m finding the anticipation and waiting exhausting.  I know that sounds silly but it’s draining – it’s ALL I can think about.  But, I’ll get onto [Read On]

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Hello!  So, I totally meant to pop in yesterday but because of this, that and the other thing it didn’t quite happen.  I’m feeling a little unorganized to be honest but I’m okay with it.  Organized chaos you could say.  I’m hoping to truly get organized this weekend (true laundry…not just putting a load in and [Read On]

Five Things Friday #22

#1… The 21 Day Fix Arrived! Since I’m taking on 21 Days of Clean Eating and portion control has always been an issue for me, I finally decided to take on The 21 Day Fix.  I’m not going to get into too much detail just yet but if you have questions comment below or email [Read On]

We’ve Made It To Thursday, Folks!

Good evening, friends!  It’s been a while since we chatted about a normal day of food and fitness so let’s get to it! Food I woke up a little later than I should have so breakfast was a quick semi-clean option.  I went with a lightly salted rice cake with almond butter and a banana. [Read On]

Old Factory Candle Giveaway Winner

Hello!  I’m only popping in for a quick second  I wanted to announce the Old Factory Candle Giveaway Winner! And the winner is…@JOAN_1969 for tweeting about the giveaway.  Congrats!  I’ll be reaching out shortly, Joan! Thank you to all of you who participated.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some updates on life in general – [Read On]

{Recipe} Stay on Track Chocolate “PB” Shakeology Bites

I’m home sick from work today and unlike a normal person I get hungrier when I don’t feel good.  I remember growing up my friends would lose weight when they were sick where as I would gain it.  So, as I was sitting at home on the first day of my 21 Day Clean Eating [Read On]

{Recipe} Sesame Teriyaki Crusted Tuna with Wasabi Mashed Cauliflower

I’m not one to post recipes too often because, truthfully, my recipes typically aren’t something special.  They are simple smoothie recipes, or what I combined my eggs with this time.  But, last night I assisted Josh (ever so slightly) in the kitchen and just had to share this easy peasy but delicious recipe with you [Read On]