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Five Things Friday #24

Two weeks in a row…posting three days a week!?  I finally feel like I’m getting back on track with my work/life/blog balance.  Now, I haven’t been working out as often…that often at all, but I’ve been doing my best to sit less at work and I’ve been eating a bit cleaner.  I’m heading in a [Read On]

WAIW #17: Researching Puppy Walkers/Sitters

I am always surprised by how quickly Wednesday gets here.  I suppose that’s a good thing!  The anticipation of being able to pick out Cooper this Saturday is intense and for whatever helping the days to go by.  It’s nice to have those things to look forward to (picking him out this weekend, actually getting [Read On]

Mexican Quinoa Chili (and 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t so bad)

Happy Monday!  Okay, maybe not so happy (since it is Monday) but we’ll try to stay positive.  It took a whole lot of effort to get up this morning…thankfully I have a wonderful boyfriend who knows exactly how long I can sleep in before being late and wakes me up at the last minute on days [Read On]

Five Things Friday #23

We’ve made it to Friday, my friends!  And now it’s time for five random facts that have popped into my head today.  Feel free to share your randomness below in the comments section.  Any plans this evening?  Josh has plans for happy hour with a co-worker which I might crash if I get out in [Read On]

WIAW #16: Season Premiere of 19 Kids and Counting

Hello!  It’s hump day!  WOOT WOOT!!!  My weeks are just flying by which is a surprise.  I was pretty convinced these would be the longest weeks of my life waiting for the day we get to pick up Cooper but it hasn’t been so bad.  I might have to change my blog name from Treats [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Valentine’s Day Recap

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend.  I must say, it was super fun to have it on a Saturday!  It was a weekend full of relaxation for us .  Oh, and since Josh was lucky enough to have off today he agreed to do our weekly cleaning and Costco run. I figured [Read On]

Just Keep Walkin’

Hello!  I won’t lie…all I can think about is our future puppy Cooper!  I check everyday for new photos and can’t go a night without watching vizsla puppy videos.  Pathetic…no!  Loving  Anyway, let’s chat about today!  For breakfast I made a batch of Overnight Oats.  I’ve been messing with my recipe so I’ll post a [Read On]

Top 5 Vizsla Videos – Just 4 More Weeks!

In exactly one month Josh and I will be in North Carolina to pick up Cooper!  He will be just over 7 weeks old and the 10 hour (plus stops) car ride back to New Jersey will certainly be interesting.  In anticipation of Cooper’s arrival we’ve been watching A LOT of vizsla puppy videos, and [Read On]

I’ve Missed My Crockpot

Oh, how I’ve missed the ease of crockpot meals!  This morning I woke up to prepare crockpot lasagna and I set it on warm for 12 hours.  I must say it was perfectly cooked when we got home…but before we get there let’s talk about other food from the day. For breakfast I had 2% Mango [Read On]

Make Up Monday: My Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

Hello there!  How was your Super Bowl Sunday?!  I got a bit of a break because of the weather and got to sleep in.  I was also home by around 2:00pm.  Not to bad for a Monday after the Super Bowl 😉 . Super Bowl Sunday I started my day with some Greek yogurt, granola [Read On]