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Five Things Friday #35

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend thus far!  I am down in Florida and utterly exhausted but looking forward to having almost 3 more days with my family.  I honestly never realized that my family members read this blog until I got a few comments about how I’ve fallen off the face of [Read On]

A Happy Monday

When we first moved to New Jersey, I was someone who hated Mondays.  I totally dreaded them.  I was simply not happy in my job and didn’t feel I was moving forward towards my dreams.  I had dreams then of immersing myself in the health and fitness world (teaching/blogging/anything else I could find).  Although that [Read On]

Why Did the Deer Cross the Road?

*Excuse the poor quality photos.  As I’m just getting back into blogging (and time management) I’m taking all pictures with my phone and haven’t been editing.* Happy Monday!  Okay…so I’m not sure there’s such thing as a happy (working) Monday…but I’m going to share anyway. I started my day off with a delicious smoothie made from [Read On]