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I’ve Only Eaten Fruit & Veggies For The Last 3 Days

Hello!  This is going to be a super quick post.  I mentioned on Friday that I would be going on the GM Diet (and what many people will tag as a crash diet…heck, I even used that term myself).  Let’s be clear, my intention here has been to cleanse my body of all the junk [Read On]

Four Things Friday #39

You would think coming up with five things to share every Friday would be easy… somehow I make it very difficult 😛 .  I just figure, if four things pop into my head right away, why rack my brain just to think of a fifth.  We’re cool, right?  [insert you saying yes.]  Okay, good!  Let’s [Read On]

Moving Mind

Did you see Saturday’s post?  Josh and I are moving to Greensboro, NC in just a few short weeks.  Since the move is happening so quickly my mind is constantly moving thinking of everything we have to do to move!  Hence, the title of this post is… Moving Mind.  Last night I laid in bed [Read On]

We’re Moving Back To North Carolina

Where to even begin!?  This decision was made in the last 48 hours and we will be moving in less than a month.  I am still so overwhelmed with emotions.  But… I am beyond excited and grateful that we are able to make this move happen.  Of course, there are things we’re leaving behind.  Most [Read On]

Make Up Monday {Social Brunching & Meal Prep}

Happy Monday, all .  Mondays are tough… especially when Daylight Saving Time is still kicking your butt… but I had a great weekend so I’m here to share.  Be sure to share your fantastic weekend in the comments below! Saturday I woke up with a tinge of dread in my heart.  Ugh, it was Saturday [Read On]

Three Things Friday #38

Since it’s been just over a month since our last Five Things Friday post I figured now was a good time to share some things that I have been loving lately.  However, I am too tired to post about five things, so I’m capping it at three.  Per usual, play along in the comments below [Read On]

Wedding Planning Weekend Check In

Hi there!  Josh and I are suppose to be on the road but he has an awful headache so he’s napping.  Poor Josh  On the bright side, I have some time to check in!  In case you didn’t know/I didn’t mention it, Josh and I were in Greensboro, NC for a long weekend.  We wanted [Read On]

Night are for Watching TV

Hello!  It’s been over a week but I’m still here  Life has been so busy… for one, we are planning a trip to Greensboro, NC… this weekend!  We’re going down for wedding planning which means I’m being forced to actually do some wedding planning…and that totally stresses me out.  That’s probably why I haven’t done [Read On]