A little motivation for you

So, you may have seen this already on Treats and Sneaks’ Facebook or Twitter but I wanted to post it here as well.

Mantra Collage

I’m currently using this as my laptop background.  I’ve been wanting a bit more motivation lately and figured seeing a compilation of awesome fitness mantras (thank you Pinterest) on a daily basis might do me some good.

Now on the usual…food, fitness and life.


For lunch I had a bowl of brown rice, 1/2 chicken breasts and a mix of zucchini, squash, broccoli and green beans.  I also munched on some grape tomatoes.

Lunch and Grape Tomatoes

As my pre-workout snack I had a delicious pear.


My pre-dinner snack consisted of grape tomatoes and guacamole.  I figured if I skipped the chips I deserved a beer.  No worries, I have priorities ;).  For dinner Josh made us burrito bowls with chicken, brown rice and bell peppers.  I topped mine with jalapenos, salsa, guacamole and put lots of lettuce on the bottom.

Burrito Bowl and Beer


Today was a cardio day for Best Body Bootcamp so I went to Bodystep.  It’s still overall a difficult class (especially after leg day) but since I’m finally starting to get the hang of the different moves/combinations/steps I’m beginning to have way more fun with it.  The instructor I had today was new to me and I definitely preferred her over the usual girl.  Perfect example of why you should always give a class a few different tries with a few different instructors (if you’re able).


Going back to the mantras pictured at the top of this post… I obviously love and find all of them to be inspirational.  With that being said, however, I think the bottom two on the right are the most inspirational to me and feed really well to my Target Practice objective of Embracing Who I Am.  If you click on the picture you should be able to read them more clearly but just in you can’t here they are…

  • Exercise to be fit, not ‘skinny.’  Eat to nourish your body.  And always… Ignore the haters, doubters & unhealthy examples that were once feeding you.  You are worth more than you realize.
  • I workout because I love my body not because I hate it.

Question of the “Night” (since we already had Questions of the Day)

What’s your favorite mantra related to health, fitness, body image, etc.?

One of my favorites that is not listed is “Strong is the new skinny.”  When I say this I make sure to remind myself that strong means inside AND out.