Key Players

About Josh:

Our Engagement at Gay Head Cliffs in Aquinnah on Martha's Vineyard - Josh and Me

Josh is my wonderful, amazing fiancé!  We’ve been dating for 5 years and became engaged on August 22, 2015.  You’ll only hear about him a little bit because he’s annoyingly camera shy and if I typed everything (aka no pictures) this blog would be very boring.  I know you’re skimming all this and just looking at the pictures 😉 .  We met our freshman year of college and started dating when we were sophomores.  Over the years I’ve learned he is stubborn yet one of the most caring people I know, can easily hop in and be the life of the party, and, lucky for me, he’s an amazing cook (…and a bit of a kitchen hog).  In fact, anytime I’m trying to make dinner for him he ends up spoon in hand, in front of the stove…he just can’t help it!

Asheville LaZoom Haunted Comedy Bus Tour with Josh

About Cooper:

Cooper on way home (vizsla puppy)

Cooper at 7 1/2 weeks

Cooper is Josh and I’s vizsla.  We love him to death…literally…no really…I mean it.  We got Cooper at 7 1/2 weeks in March of 2015.  Cooper is my buddy through and through.  Living in New Jersey is tough with Josh working late nights, my family all being down south, and the freezing cold winters, but I always have the Coop Man to come home to (and that is honestly the best feeling).  Vizslas are known for their high energy and clingy personalities (they’re also known as velcro dogs because they never leave your side).  And, I am inclined to say they are the absolute sweetest (and nuttiest) dogs on the planet.  Check out Cooper’s hashtag on Instagram (#CooperGilmanWishnoff).

This is my new favorite picture of Coop

About Emily and Her Two Dogs, Brody and Max:

Emily is my older sister.  When I lived in Greensboro, NC we lived across the street from each other.  Moving to NJ and not being close to her (and her pups) was definitely a tough adjustment, but we still chat on the phone and try to FaceTime when we can.  Emily is a health nut…who also loves to eat mass amounts of candy…and loves beer…even though she tries to eat gluten free whenever possible.  She’s a character.  I would say our mannerisms are almost identical but our personalities make us polar opposites.

Emily and Me (Family)

Now on to Brody and Max (Brody is on the left, Max is on the right in the picture below).  Both were adopted from Brother Wolf, a no-kill shelter in Asheville, NC that I truly can’t recommend enough!  Both were labeled as “shepherd/hound mixes” so it was up to us to try and figure out what breed they might actually be.  We’re fairly certain Brody has some chow in him, and Max definitely has some beagle in him.  Overall they are both adorable and loving pups and I love spending time with them whenever possible!

Best Puppies Ever!

The Parents:

Mom, Dad and Me (Family)

My parents live in  Florida about an hour outside of Orlando.  Living over 1,000 miles away from them has been quite the transition since in college they were only 9 hours away and my mom didn’t mind driving to and from.  I miss them SO much!  I honestly have the best parents.  They are amazing people who support my every venture and always encourage me to go after what I want.  They also kept me out of trouble in high school which, looking back on, I greatly appreciate 😛 .

Family Picture at Southern Lights Bistro