{Happy Thanksgiving!} Things I Am Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I just wanted to pop in on one of my favorite holidays to share some things I’m truly grateful for at this point in my life #1… I’m thankful for my family This one is pretty simple.  I’m super grateful for my family and all their support…okay, well support from Mom and [Read On]

Christmas Presents and Food

It’s the day after Christmas…time for the depression to set in  I’m kidding!  But I am sad Christmas is over and won’t be back for another year.  I had a great time with my family just relaxing, opening presents, eating good food, and watching Christmas movies.  How about we go into a little more detail? [Read On]

Birthday Celebration Recap

I had a fantastic birthday!  I was lucky enough to be surrounded by family and friends for an entire weekend and we celebrated each day.  I LOVE spreading my birthday out as long as possibly so I was in heaven.  Let’s recap a bit of each day… Wednesday (my actual birthday) Josh started my birthday [Read On]

A little motivation for you

So, you may have seen this already on Treats and Sneaks’ Facebook or Twitter but I wanted to post it here as well. I’m currently using this as my laptop background.  I’ve been wanting a bit more motivation lately and figured seeing a compilation of awesome fitness mantras (thank you Pinterest) on a daily basis might [Read On]

First 5K Mantras

Hello, friends! Later today I will be running (and possibly walking) my first 5K!  I hope to run the whole thing but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t.  I’m just going to run as far as I can without stopping, and only walking if I really can’t push through it.  I’m [Read On]

First Post Woooo

Welcome to Treats and Sneaks! I’ve been thinking of starting my very own food and fitness blog for about six months now and I’ve finally decided to do it!  Here goes nothin’… Food and fitness related blogs are my favorite, and the more I read them the more I wanted to join the community.  I [Read On]