Rehearsal Dinner Dress Shopping

Hello from Florida! I meant to get this post out yesterday but time simply got away.  I wrote it in the car on our way from Winter Garden to Englewood to visit my parent’s “new” vacation home. They’ve actually had it for about 6 months but I had yet to see it. The water is so [Read On]

Weekend Trip to Florida {First Wedding Dress Fitting}

I’m back for a quick check in .  Life has continued to be busy and this weekend was spent in Florida spending time with family, eating delicious food, and attending my first wedding dress fitting.  I headed down to Florida on what happened to be National Donut Day (Friday)… so I naturally got an iced [Read On]

Five Things Friday #40

We’re One Week Away I can hardly believe our move is just one week away now.  Around this time next week I’ll be picking up Emily (my sister) from the airport.  She’s going to drive my car down so I can drive Josh’s car and Josh can drive the moving truck.  We’ll be packing the [Read On]

Christmas Celebrations {in pictures}

Hello  I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday weekend!  I wanted to stop in with a super quick recap from this weekend’s Christmas celebrations.  Enjoy and be sure to share your holiday weekend with me in the comments below. Christmas Eve celebrations started at a local bar before heading over to Josh’s Dad’s house for [Read On]

Five Things Friday #35

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend thus far!  I am down in Florida and utterly exhausted but looking forward to having almost 3 more days with my family.  I honestly never realized that my family members read this blog until I got a few comments about how I’ve fallen off the face of [Read On]

Coffee Talk {8/29/15}

If we were having coffee today I’d tell you… That I had such a blast last night at happy hour with some of the ladies from work. To celebrate my engagement, and just as an excuse to drink, we went to a bar that’s literally steps away from my apartment.  There were shots and multiple [Read On]

Beach Weekend in NC + Blue Apron Stuffed Peppers

Hello!  I wanted to pop in quickly since I was on vacation for the last part of last week.  I had a fantastic time being (mostly) unplugged from social media/work/etc. and spending time with family.  Josh and I were only there for about two days total so it hardly felt like I got to really [Read On]

Five Things Friday #34

Hello!  I hope everyone has had a great week, but if you haven’t…at least it’s Friday, right!? I want to address something quickly before we get into today’s Five Things Friday post.  My real job… not the blog … takes precedence.  I know that may seem like a given, but I just needed to write [Read On]

Five Things Friday #32

We have made it to Friday!!  The week after being with me family is always a little rough but I found that having my little Coopy-butt helped me to get through the week and over the homesick blues. I swear he doesn’t look weird when he’s standing but his head is just so darn small compared [Read On]

{Weekend Recap} Girls Weekend & ACS GWB 10K

Hello!  Today I want to share you with some highlights from this past weekend when my sister and mom were in town…if I tell you EVERYTHING we’ll be here ALL day 😉 .  Per usual, I’ve changed up my weekday workout schedule and this time around it causes me to get home at 8:30pm or [Read On]