Discount Code: I’m a Diva Dash Ambassador Again!

(Disclaimer…as an ambassador I am given free entry to the race.  A special thank you to Adventure Fit for providing me with the opportunity to participate again in the SHAPE Diva Dash again!)   How about a little discount on this lovely Thursday afternoon?  I am so excited that I was asked to be an ambassador for the [Read On]

{Recipe} WIAW #13: Peanut Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats

Happy Hump Day!  I’m so grateful it’s already the middle of the week.  Luckily we have a great staff at the moment so I was able to leave work a few hours early on Monday, scored a two hour lunch today, and won’t be heading in tomorrow until lunchtime.  Since we work 11-12 hour shifts [Read On]

{Discount Code} Don’t Forget about the Shape Diva Dash!

Only One Month Away! It is exactly one month away from the New York Shape Diva Dash!!!  I am so excited…and maybe a little nervous since this will be my first obstacle race, but I’m mostly excited!  I certainly won’t be racing for time.  My goal is simply to overcome each obstacle .  As a reminder the [Read On]

Treats and Sneaks Turns 1

My baby blog turns one today! WOOT WOOT!!!  365 days and 232 posts later I’m happy to say I plan to keep truckin’ along.  (<- a little southern flare for you there 😉 )  In honor of my “blogiversary” I’ve decided to link up some of my favorite posts from the year. #1… My First [Read On]

{Discount Code} I’m a SHAPE Diva Dash Ambassador

I’m a SHAPE Diva Dash Ambassador! The SHAPE Diva Dash team reached out to me a few weeks ago about being an ambassador for the SHAPE Diva Dash Series.  As soon as I read the description I was in! The Diva Dash is a women-only adventure obstacle run.  It is sponsored by SHAPE Magazine.  The [Read On]

Part 2 of Mom’s Visit

Click here for Part 1 :).  Oh, and as a warning…ALL of these pictures were taken with my iPhone since we were out and about. Saturday Saturday morning Mom and I had a 5K planned.  We ran in the River Edge Run for Miles for Melanoma. I completed the race at a slow and steady [Read On]

I’ve Been Lazy

Hello, friends  I have a confession to make…I’ve only worked out once this week.  It was a 4 mile jog in the rain, but that’s still no excuse for my laziness.  I’ve had no desire to wake up early and towards the end of the week things got pretty stressful so I’ve just felt exhausted. [Read On]

Such a Delicious Weekend + Food Prep

Let’s just take a moment to talk about the food from this weekend… Saturday For breakfast I used an extra portion of Roasted Vegetables and Black Beans and placed it in a hot pan with some olive oil.  Once those started to sizzle I added 1 whole egg, 1 egg white and a sprinkling of [Read On]

What I Ate (and Did) on Thanksgiving!

The Day Before Thanksgiving I just couldn’t resist throwing this in here…  The night before Thanksgiving we went to pick up our race packets and decided to also make a stop at the Space Coast Light Fest at Wickham Park.  I know these pictures aren’t that great but Christmas lights are hard to capture on a [Read On]

I Really Like Meatballs

Weird title for a post but it’s the truth and it’s what I had for dinner so it makes a little bit of sense 😉  Here’s some food, fitness and thoughts from the day for ya! Food For breakfast I had overnight oats made with pomegranate Greek yogurt and a banana on the side. Lunch was [Read On]