Snowed in Sunday

How are my fellow northerners doing?  We were still fairly snowed in.  My workplace is not closing tomorrow and the main roads here in Morris County appear to be okay though.  With that being said, originally being from Florida I am always overly nervous driving after a snowstorm but I’ll simply go sloooow.  Josh was brave [Read On]


I have realized more and more recently that I am stuck in my “college days” a bit more than I thought.  A few examples… — When I was sick I was briefly annoyed that I didn’t get pseudoephedrine and mucinex (1) at the doctor’s office and (2) for free.  Is this how it was for anyone [Read On]

Cooper’s Vizsla Shenanigans

As promised from my 2016 Goals, I pulled out my DSLR camera this weekend and got some pretty cute pictures of the Coop Man’s vizsla shenanigans.  This one will definitely be getting framed. We played some ball and Cooper got his serious sass mouth on.  Exhibit A… Exhibit B… And then we lost the ball [Read On]

My 2016 Goals

Hello!  It’s that time of year…time to set 2016 Goals.  Before I get into this year’s goals I want to touch on the goals I accomplished in 2015. #1… I ran my first half marathon in March! #2… I got a puppy named Cooper! #3… I am certainly not perfect…but I have significantly reduced my [Read On]

Five Things Friday #34

Hello!  I hope everyone has had a great week, but if you haven’t…at least it’s Friday, right!? I want to address something quickly before we get into today’s Five Things Friday post.  My real job… not the blog … takes precedence.  I know that may seem like a given, but I just needed to write [Read On]

2015 Goals Check In

Hello and Happy July!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!  On Friday, Josh and I spent time outside with Cooper and at the pool. On Saturday we had friends over and the drinking began before noon.  (Cooper, of course, insisted on being festive.) And, finally, Sunday was a “recovery” day that consisted of [Read On]

Let the Half Marathon Training Begin

Hello!  I hope you’re sticking with me as my posts are sporadic.  I’m finding this post extremely difficult to write because I turned on the TV and Full House is on and I can’t stop watching.  I always get pulled into the little 30 minute story lines.  What about you?  Anyway, let’s get to some [Read On]

Five Things Friday #33

Happy Friday!  This week kind of dragged on but at the same time kind of flew by.  I ended up at home for most of the day on Wednesday because I had been nauseous all morning and couldn’t take being at work with the constant “am I going to need to run to the bathroom [Read On]

{Recap} Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon Weekend

Hi there!  Last weekend Mom and I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon! We hit a lot of traffic heading in Friday afternoon and got there just in time to drop our bags at the hotel and run over to the expo to grab our race packets.  We both wish we had had [Read On]

Just stopping by…

Hello!  I have been working on a post about our first days home with Cooper for about a week now…it’s a little busy in this household at the moment.  Although there are sleep interruptions, some accidents, some puppy mouthing that makes you bleed, and our house is a mess…it’s all worth it.  I am absolutely [Read On]