Five Things Friday #41

Happy Friday, all!  I’m popping in for a QUICK Five Things Friday post before heading out to dinner with Josh.  Be sure to share things that have been making you happy in the comments below #1… Pumpkin Coffee My new office has pumpkin K-Cups… it’s the little things. #2… Exercise Ball There are a few exercise [Read On]

Four Things Friday #39

You would think coming up with five things to share every Friday would be easy… somehow I make it very difficult 😛 .  I just figure, if four things pop into my head right away, why rack my brain just to think of a fifth.  We’re cool, right?  [insert you saying yes.]  Okay, good!  Let’s [Read On]

WIAW #29

Happy Hump Day!  Has it really been over a month since my last WIAW? Jeesh!!!  Well, I’m here now and am excited to share yesterday’s eats but first… Josh (you know, my camera shy fiancé) made a rare appearance on my Instagram this weekend so I just had to share our selfie from picking out our [Read On]

Five Things Friday #35

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend thus far!  I am down in Florida and utterly exhausted but looking forward to having almost 3 more days with my family.  I honestly never realized that my family members read this blog until I got a few comments about how I’ve fallen off the face of [Read On]

Five Things Friday #30

It’s Friday!!!  This was a good week.  I began working out in the morning again, allowing me to stay at work later which is actually a good thing because I (finally) wasn’t feeling guilty or overwhelmed when I walked in the door the next day and saw a pile of things I needed to do. [Read On]

Tea Talk on Tuesday {5/12/15}

Since I missed our weekly Five Things Friday post I figured we could have a little Coffee Talk…but it’s late…so how about some relaxing (and decaffeinated) Tea Talk?  I love sharing things that have been making me happy and I hope you’ll join me in the comments below! If we were having tea tonight I [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Tangelos ARE Awesome

Friday evening I posted on Instagram after my workout that I was excited to see a lower number on the scale but that I had to then navigate the weekend.  I won’t say I did a stellar job but I did better than usual so at least there was progress. Friday Friday night is typically [Read On]

WIAW #23: Cinco de Mayo Eats

Hello!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo .  My eats were actually something a little different for a workday so you guys will get to see different foods.  Since my eats don’t change too much this will be a little “treat.” My breakfast was a little different because I was running late and didn’t [Read On]

Five Things Friday #29…on Saturday

I definitely thought I had set this post to go up sometime yesterday afternoon…but apparently I didn’t.  So we’re doing Five Things Friday/Friday Favorites on Saturday.  Better now than never, right?  Be sure to share some favorites of yours in the comments . #1… Mom and Emily are visiting in June! (picture source) Mom and [Read On]

WIAW #22: I Hate My Toaster

Happy Hump Day!  Hump Day has become a weekly holiday in my mind.  A little celebration that we’ve made it halfway through the week (and that I’ve, personally, been productive/fit in some workouts/etc.).  Let’s chat about my eats from today.  Typically I would do Tuesday eats but I failed to take pictures so we’re talking [Read On]