Moving Mind

Did you see Saturday’s post?  Josh and I are moving to Greensboro, NC in just a few short weeks.  Since the move is happening so quickly my mind is constantly moving thinking of everything we have to do to move!  Hence, the title of this post is… Moving Mind.  Last night I laid in bed [Read On]

{How We Made It} Crockpot Buffalo Chicken

Hello!  Sorry I missed yesterday’s WIAW post.  I actually had a minor procedure yesterday (I’ll touch on that in a different post) and when I got home I was just completely wiped out.  I felt pretty much the same all day today but wanted to stop in to share a quick day of eats and [Read On]

Cooper’s Vizsla Shenanigans

As promised from my 2016 Goals, I pulled out my DSLR camera this weekend and got some pretty cute pictures of the Coop Man’s vizsla shenanigans.  This one will definitely be getting framed. We played some ball and Cooper got his serious sass mouth on.  Exhibit A… Exhibit B… And then we lost the ball [Read On]

Why Did the Deer Cross the Road?

*Excuse the poor quality photos.  As I’m just getting back into blogging (and time management) I’m taking all pictures with my phone and haven’t been editing.* Happy Monday!  Okay…so I’m not sure there’s such thing as a happy (working) Monday…but I’m going to share anyway. I started my day off with a delicious smoothie made from [Read On]

New Week, Fresh Start

Rather than doing my usual Make Up Monday post I’ve decided to just do a (formerly) “normal” post.  Formerly I would simply share about my food, fitness and life from the day a few times a week.  Somehow I got away from that and I miss it!  I miss the short and sweet check ins! [Read On]

Five Things Friday #32

We have made it to Friday!!  The week after being with me family is always a little rough but I found that having my little Coopy-butt helped me to get through the week and over the homesick blues. I swear he doesn’t look weird when he’s standing but his head is just so darn small compared [Read On]

Make Up Monday: I’m Addicted to Ice Cream

Hello!  Did you have a relaxing weekend?  I was honestly fairly lazy this weekend.  Cooper wanted to be a couch potato and I was all for it 😉 .  Let’s recap (mostly) some food from the weekend (since there weren’t too many activities). Friday Friday night we planned on having jalapeno turkey burgers which I had [Read On]

{Recipe} Apple Pie Smoothie (with the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe, right?  I have an Apple Pie Smoothie for you today just in time for Fall…no wait it’s Summer.  Hmm…  I guess I’m a little off here but this recipe is just too yummy not to share.  Oh, and it has some awesome health benefits as well.  You’ll [Read On]

{Recipe Revised} Overnight Oats with Yogurt 2

I will never, ever be able to take a “pretty” picture of my overnight oats.  The point is their quick and easy…so why would I waste time putting them in an actual bowl or a cute mason jar?!  Sorry to disappoint, I’m just a red cup kind of girl…maybe that come from my southern roots? Either [Read On]

Mexican Quinoa Chili (and 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t so bad)

Happy Monday!  Okay, maybe not so happy (since it is Monday) but we’ll try to stay positive.  It took a whole lot of effort to get up this morning…thankfully I have a wonderful boyfriend who knows exactly how long I can sleep in before being late and wakes me up at the last minute on days [Read On]