WIAW #32: Crockpot Dinner for the Win

Hello – it’s Wednesday already!?  I guess it’s a good thing I’m surprised… it means my work week hasn’t been dragging on.  Like all WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} posts we’ll be covering yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) eats…which will include the most delicious crockpot dinner of buffalo chicken lettuce wraps! I was super organized today.  I brought [Read On]

WIAW #31

As promised, I’m back for a WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post.  Let’s get right into it.  (I’ll be sharing today’s eats .)  I woke up feeling a bit dehydrated… Josh and I had gone out for sushi the night before and I may have had one too many beers.  I decided to still get [Read On]

WIAW #30

Happy Wednesday!  I am starting to write this post on Tuesday and am feeling uber excited since I’m getting some good traction on my emails out to local yoga studios and gyms about teaching.  Although I haven’t secured any set classes (yet), I have completed one demo, have another set up for Wednesday (today), and [Read On]

WIAW #29

Happy Hump Day!  Has it really been over a month since my last WIAW? Jeesh!!!  Well, I’m here now and am excited to share yesterday’s eats but first… Josh (you know, my camera shy fiancé) made a rare appearance on my Instagram this weekend so I just had to share our selfie from picking out our [Read On]

WIAW #28

Ready for a quick check-in via a WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post?  Let’s get to it!  For breakfast I wanted something “real”.  My original plan was a smoothie but I wanted something heartier.  I went with a pumpkin english muffin with a little bit of ketchup, a slice of muenster cheese, and two eggs. [Read On]

WIAW #27 + Wedding Venue Shopping

Hi there!  I figured I’d pop in for a quick (sort of…I forgot some pictures) WIAW post and also to share with you some updates on our wedding venue shopping and overall planning.  Let’s get to it!  Breakfast this morning was a Chocolate Shakeology smoothie which included unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana, a handful of [Read On]

WIAW #26 + Water Leak

Happy Hump Day, all!  I’ve had an eventful night thus far.  Right as I was sitting down to write this post I noticed Cooper kept running over to the guest bathroom and half barking at the closed door.  I finally got up and heard water.  Turns out, the person who lives above us overflowed their [Read On]

WIAW #25: Vegetarian Eats

Happy Hump Day!  I’m, of course, here to share with you my eats from yesterday for this week’s WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post.  Yesterday’s eats consisted of all vegetarian eats.  I’m really pursuing a more plant based diet and luckily Josh has agreed to 1-2 vegetarian dinners a week.  Good enough…for now 😉 . [Read On]

WIAW #24: Short and Sweet

Is it weird that what often deters me from writing a post is coming up with an introduction?  I just want to get right into what I’m saying but I know I need to make a smooth transition.  Well, today…this is my intro!  Sorry folks.  Let’s chat about my eats from yesterday for our WIAW [Read On]

WIAW #23: Cinco de Mayo Eats

Hello!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo .  My eats were actually something a little different for a workday so you guys will get to see different foods.  Since my eats don’t change too much this will be a little “treat.” My breakfast was a little different because I was running late and didn’t [Read On]