What We’ve Missed

Hello!  Although I had fallen off the face of the planet for a while there, I’m back!  I thought I’d pop in for a quick post to catch us up on some things that we’ve missed.  Let’s get to it!!  For one, Cooper has been his adorable self… For whatever reason he’s not 100% amused [Read On]

Make Up Monday {Social Brunching & Meal Prep}

Happy Monday, all .  Mondays are tough… especially when Daylight Saving Time is still kicking your butt… but I had a great weekend so I’m here to share.  Be sure to share your fantastic weekend in the comments below! Saturday I woke up with a tinge of dread in my heart.  Ugh, it was Saturday [Read On]

Make Up Monday {2/22/16}

Hello  How was your weekend?  Be sure to share in the comments section below. Saturday I started my morning off with two eggs, each topped with 1/4 piece of pepperjack cheese. If you’ve been checking in often you know I’ve been an egg “fiend” lately.  I just can’t seem to get enough of them.  I had [Read On]

Make Up Monday {Valentine’s Day Weekend}

Man, oh, man was it cold this weekend!  I stayed inside as much as humanly possible.  Cooper felt the same way… I honestly didn’t do much this weekend.  I’ve just been sleeping (a lot) and relaxing.  I mentioned briefly a few days ago I had a (minor) procedure.  I’ve decided not to go into detail [Read On]

Make Up Monday – Ninety Acres Restaurant Review

It’s Monday!  Time for a weekend recap .  I would love to hear about your Super Bowl Weekend in the comments section below.  Truthfully… I watch for the commercials.  What do you watch for?  Game or commercials?  For my local readers (Northern/Central New Jersey), stick around for the Ninety Acres Restaurant Review!  (Restaurant located in [Read On]

Make Up Monday {1/11/16}

Hello!  After over 2 weeks of being sick I woke up this Monday not feeling absolutely awful.  Progress, my friends!  I am still a bit stuffy and have a slight cough but my throat wasn’t on fire when I woke up.  Honestly, now I just need to get back into a sleep/wake up schedule.  While [Read On]

2015 Goals Check In

Hello and Happy July!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!  On Friday, Josh and I spent time outside with Cooper and at the pool. On Saturday we had friends over and the drinking began before noon.  (Cooper, of course, insisted on being festive.) And, finally, Sunday was a “recovery” day that consisted of [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Weekend of Firsts (Hot Yoga & Massage)

Hello there!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  My weekend was full firsts which has left me feeling accomplished .  Let’s jump right in to this Make Up Monday post starting with Friday night… Friday Josh and I decided to go out for dinner on Friday.  We started with the buffalo chicken dip which [Read On]

Make Up Monday: I’m Addicted to Ice Cream

Hello!  Did you have a relaxing weekend?  I was honestly fairly lazy this weekend.  Cooper wanted to be a couch potato and I was all for it 😉 .  Let’s recap (mostly) some food from the weekend (since there weren’t too many activities). Friday Friday night we planned on having jalapeno turkey burgers which I had [Read On]

Make Up Monday: First Hike at Hedden Park

Hello!  Did you have a nice weekend?  The weather was a little funky and reminded me of my home state, Florida.  It poured Saturday evening and was hot and muggy/humid all day Sunday.  I didn’t hate it… 😉 . Saturday Saturday was a very special day for Cooper…it was his puppy graduation! We are hoping [Read On]