Moving on… A Girl and Her Vizsla

Hello!  Today is the day.  It’s time.  I’m moving on from Treats and Sneaks.  I have been wanting a fresh blog start for a while now and a different identity.  Treats and Sneaks was always intended to be a healthy living blog.  I planned to have recipes and Foodie Friday’s.  I planned to post workouts [Read On]

What We’ve Missed

Hello!  Although I had fallen off the face of the planet for a while there, I’m back!  I thought I’d pop in for a quick post to catch us up on some things that we’ve missed.  Let’s get to it!!  For one, Cooper has been his adorable self… For whatever reason he’s not 100% amused [Read On]

WIAW #30

Happy Wednesday!  I am starting to write this post on Tuesday and am feeling uber excited since I’m getting some good traction on my emails out to local yoga studios and gyms about teaching.  Although I haven’t secured any set classes (yet), I have completed one demo, have another set up for Wednesday (today), and [Read On]

We’ve Chosen Our Wedding Venue!

We have finally made the decision…we’ve chosen our venue!  I am so excited to have this area of wedding planning settled.  It’s such a relief!  We will be hosting our wedding (ceremony and reception) at The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, NC. (picture source – The Proximity Hotel Website) I can honestly say I never imagined [Read On]

Target Practice #5

I first came across “Target Practice” on Jillienne’s blog Chasing Raspberries who got it from the ladies over at Fit.Fun.Femme.  Both do things a little differently but, to me, the overall idea is about keeping your goals in check and in the present!  I’ll be focusing on improvements in food, fitness and life…since we’re all [Read On]

Work Training

Wondering why my posts have been sporadic?  I’m currently in week 1 of 6 for work training which means I’m kind of all over the place and not always able to post at lunch and/or get home in time to eat dinner, prep for tomorrow and still have time to post.  Once I’m settled in [Read On]

First 5K Mantras

Hello, friends! Later today I will be running (and possibly walking) my first 5K!  I hope to run the whole thing but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t.  I’m just going to run as far as I can without stopping, and only walking if I really can’t push through it.  I’m [Read On]

Excuses, Excuses

Soooo, I’ll spare you all of my lame excuses but because of timing and whatever else, no workout happened tonight and Josh and I got lazy and ordered Chinese food. But it was delicious! This is a perfect example of why I go to bed by 10:00pm and get up at 5:30am most days.  After [Read On]

Chinese Food Made Easy

I am SO happy to be home and back on our regular posting schedule! I am definitely a planner so I’m a little discombobulated from my recent travels to Greenville (last week) and Nashville (this week). Josh is so amazing and had this waiting for me when I walked in the door. After I finished [Read On]