Exploring the New LeBauer Park in Downtown Greensboro

Hello!  Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone has had a productive yet relaxing weekend :) .  In this post I’m sharing with you today’s adventures from exploring the new LeBauer Park in Downtown Greensboro but before we get there… let’s talk a bit about Saturday.

Saturday was packed full with errands and teaching.  I started my morning by teaching 8:30am and 10:00am yoga classes.  I then stopped by the house to let Cooper out before heading to the post office to get my passport renewed.  What a relief to have that done!!  My new passport should be here in about 3 weeks… plenty of time before Josh and I take off for our honeymoon in the Bahamas this November.  After getting my passport settled I headed home to hang with Cooper and eat some lunch.  I had leftover Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce (via Healthy Happy Life) so I made some pasta and roasted broccoli and added it all together.

Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo with Broccoli (recipe via Healthy Happy Life)

There’s broccoli hiding under all that pasta :) .  I relaxed for a bit after lunch while Cooper watched the rain (and barked at the thunder).

Cooper the Vizsla

Eventually it was time to teach one more yoga class at 4:00pm.  (I hadn’t taught or taken yoga in over a week and man, oh man, am I sore today.  After teaching my last yoga class for the day I stopped by Whole Foods for a very large grocery haul.  We didn’t really go grocery shopping after coming back from vacation last weekend and the fridge was almost empty.

Whole Foods Grocery Haul

When I got home I didn’t feel like cooking, so I had my leftovers from lunch and then hung out with Cooper on the couch until bedtime.  Moving on to this morning.  I woke up just before 8:00am without an alarm and decided I might as well get moving and get outside while it was still cool out.  A new park (LeBauer Park) opened in downtown Greensboro this month which is only about .75 miles from our apartment and I have been wanting to check it out ever since.

Cooper the Vizsla at LeBauer Park - Downtown Greensboro

LeBauer Park is absolutely stunning and right in the heart of Downtown Greensboro.

LeBauer Park - Downtown Greensboro

It’s supposed to be beautiful at night, too!  They are doing movies (“Cinema Under the Stars”) every Friday night through September so I’m hoping I can drag Josh there one night.  One of our favorite activities when we go to Martha’s Vineyard (where we were last weekend) is a picnic followed by fireworks.  Although this won’t be as impressive… I think it would be a lot of fun to copy the picnic aspect of the night and bring a baguette, (maybe some vegan cheese), a variety of spreads and some fresh veggies.  My understanding is that although you can’t bring your own booze, they have kiosks which could make the night a bit more fun, too 😉 .

LeBauer Park - Downtown Greensboro

If we didn’t want to bring our own food, LeBauer Park does have two restaurants with window service, nOma Food & Co and Ghassan’s, with cute seating areas spread throughout the park.

LeBauer Park - Downtown Greensboro

And to wrap up this “review” of sorts… there is, of course, a dog park where Cooper had a blast!

Cooper the Vizsla at LeBauer Park - Downtown Greensboro

We met a few other dogs but mostly just played ball and kept to ourselves.

Cooper the Vizsla at LeBauer Park - Downtown Greensboro

I’m not sure how long we were there but once Cooper started to ignore the tennis ball we made the walk home.  I didn’t eat breakfast before going but wasn’t too hungry just yet either.  I reached for the fresh pressed juice I bought from Whole Foods which included apples, celery, cucumbers, kale, cilantro and lime.

Urban Green Fresh Pressed Juice from Whole Foods

I do have my own juicer……. but it’s just SO MUCH WORK!!  You have to wash and cut all the fruits/veggies and then cleaning the juicer after takes some time as well.  (Sorry Josh!!!!  He bought me the juicer for my birthday a couple years ago after because I wouldn’t stop talking about how much I wanted one… whoops!)  The juice from Whole Foods tasted great and even though it’s a bit costly at $5.99 for 16 oz I think it was totally worth it.  I can’t see myself buying it for every day of the week… but I’ll definitely buy a few for busy workdays or light weekend breakfasts.  I’m now off to do some laundry and start on cooking lunch (which will likely be dinner as well).  I’ve been wanting to try these vegan “cheez” sauce and vegan lentil sloppy joe recipes, so while Josh is away (at his Bachelor party weekend) I’m going to give it a go!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Glad you took Cooper to the park. I loved walking down there with him last week.

  2. I have my own juicer and never use it either–i dont feel like going through all of the work! Are you vegan now? Id love to hear your story!

    • treatsandsneaks@gmail.com says:

      Not quite vegan… primarily vegetarian but I like to incorporate vegan recipes whenever I can. It’s all still so new but I hope to share more once it becomes a part of my daily life. (It’s only been about two months since “quitting” meat.) Thank you for stopping by :)