Welcome to the Treats and Sneaks Workouts Page!  Here you can see some of my favorite workouts related to both strength training and cardio…although it’s probably pretty obvious that I prefer strength training ;).

Note: Some of these are goals, not things I have already achieved.  You should always listen to your body and go at your own pace.

Please read the disclaimer before trying any workouts and/or changing your routine in any way.  Thanks!

Last thing!  Not sure what a certain exercise is?  Check out Workout Labs!  I love this site for explaining exercises and finding new exercises I haven’t tried before.  You can also always shoot me an email or search for it on YouTube.  Enjoy!


Revolving Abs Circuit

Quickie Ab Circuit


Biceps Circuit

Triceps Circuit


Leg Pyramid Jumping Jacks Circuit

Legs Strength Training


Home for the Holidays Workout

Chest and Legs Strength Training


From 10 to 5 Total Body Circuit

Quickie 15 Minute Circuit

Empowering Kettlebell Circuit

Scary Good Full Body Workout

50 Minute Bump It Up Incline Walking Workout

54321 Run Circuit

Pic Monkey I'm on Vacation Walk + Circuit

Keep It Moving Circuit