Five Things Friday #34

Hello!  I hope everyone has had a great week, but if you haven’t…at least it’s Friday, right!? I want to address something quickly before we get into today’s Five Things Friday post.  My real job… not the blog … takes precedence.  I know that may seem like a given, but I just needed to write that here.  With work picking up and my CYT-200 starting this Sunday, and a very energetic vizsla puppy needing lots of attention, oh and a love life of course, I’m finding I have very limited free time.  I mentioned on Monday while going through my 2015 Goals Check In that I wanted to try to blog four times a week but after some careful consideration, it’s just not possible at this time.  In fact, I want my goal to simply be two! I want to go for quality over quantity.  So, I’ll still be checking in, but I’m setting up the expectation that it will be less often.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s get to the good stuff!  Make sure to play along in the comments section below!  What’s been making you happy this week?

#1… Upcoming Trips

Josh and I's first trip together to Martha's Vineyard in 2013

Josh and I’s first trip together to Martha’s Vineyard in 2013.  We were a exhausted from our travel fiasco.

I have a bunch of trips coming up that I’m super excited about! I will be going to the beach in North Carolina for a family reunion in two weeks.  I’ll be going to Martha’s Vineyard with Josh’s family in August.  I’ll be running the Atlantic City Half Marathon in October and might make a mini weekend trip out of that (especially since I’ve never been to Atlantic City).  I already have my flight to Florida booked for Thanksgiving.  And, lastly, I have a Christmas “Staycation” planned from Christmas Eve until New Years, and my family will be spending the holiday with us here in New Jersey.  So much to look forward to!

#2… I have my first CYT-200 (Certified Yoga Teacher) class this Sunday

Let the journey begin!  I am so very excited to attend my first CYT-200 class.  It will be nice to learn about this form of exercise that I enjoy so much and the lifestyle it can entail as well.

#3… My 2015 Goals Update Post

2015 Goals

It was definitely nice to recognize the goals that I have already accomplished for the year and to revisit the ones that need some work.  I think food and fitness will always be a main focus and will be an area of continuous improvement for me.

#4… We’re trying out Blue Apron via Groupon

Blue Apron Logo

I’m not sure if this is just in the Northern New Jersey area or nationally but I saw Blue Apron pop up on Groupon ($39 for three delivered meals for two people, as opposed to the normal $60) and I jumped on it.  Our only concern is the shipment because sometimes our front office is closed for tours and whatnot but there’s an air conditioned nook where the delivery guy or gal could leave the package so I’m hoping they simply use common sense!  We haven’t placed the order yet but once we do and receive the meals I’ll do my best to do a mini review.  Here’s the link for Northern New Jersey if you’re interested.

#5… Cooper is 34 pounds!

This is my new favorite picture of Coop

This is my new favorite picture of Coop

My little man is getting so big!  We took him to the vet last week and he weighed a whopping 34 pounds!  He was only 8 pounds (at 7 weeks) when we got him and wasn’t growing super rapidly so we weren’t sure if he’d get above 50 pounds.  But, man oh man, did he shoot up this past month!  Monday (the 13th) will be his 6 month birthday so he has the potential to be 60 pounds or more! Mind… blown.  When he falls asleep on the bed or couch and knows your about to pick him up he goes completely boneless so trying to pick him up at this point is just impossible!  He’s a smart little boy.

And there you have it!  So tell me, what’s been making you happy this week?  Any upcoming trips you’re excited about?  Any upcoming fall races?  Share it all :)


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