Five Things Friday #4 (My Big News!!!)

So, a lot of bloggers do a special post on Friday that includes five fun facts, five random facts, five things they’ve been loving lately, etc.  And I’ve decided to hop on the band wagon!  My Five Things Friday will be a list of five things and might change every week from fun facts to things I love.  Sometimes I’ll elaborate…sometimes I won’t.  It will just be complete randomness :) .  And this week, my friends, is a VERY special edition of Five Things Friday because I finally get to tell you my big news!!!

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Yep, Josh has been itching to move back home to Northern New Jersey and I love it up there so we finally decided to just do it!  (We’ll be living in Bergen County.)  All of the interviewing and apartment hunting happened in a single month – so things definitely happened quickly.  I didn’t want to share until the jobs, apartment, and moving plans were 100% lined up and finally they are!  This has caused so much anxiety over the past month as we didn’t know where we would live, how much money we would be making, when we would move, etc.  It feels glorious to finally have everything planned.  The movers come this Monday, we drive up on Wednesday, move in on Friday and start jobs on Tuesday.  Crazy, right?!?!?  Here are the five things I’m looking forward to most :)

#1… Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Logo

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There will be three Trader Joe’s within 10 miles of our new apartment.  (and the angels sing)  Considering the closest Trader Joe’s to us now is about 30 miles away this is a serious improvement.  We haven’t been doing our shopping there too often for obvious reasons so I’m so excited to get back to shopping at Trader Joe’s for our weekly groceries.  I can’t wait!!!

#2… We’ll have a 2 BR/2 BA

We currently live in a 1 BR/1 BA apartment and it’s worked but we’ve both really been wanting a 2 BR/2 BA and I’m so happy we could make this work.  For one, what two people living in an apartment wouldn’t prefer two bathrooms?  And two, the second bedroom will serve as an extra space we can escape to.  I can use it as a quiet space to knock out a blog post – I currently typically type it out in our living room while Josh is watching TV and always get distracted.  I can also use it to workout (woot woot P90X3) – I currently do this in our bedroom.

#3… My New Job

I am so excited about my new job!  I’ll be in a customer service/sales role and will be on my feet all day.  I’ll be working very long hours and have to work some weekends but it’s totally worth it.  There’s so much room for growth, they have an amazing training program, and I won’t be stuck behind a desk.  I start on Tuesday… eeeeek!!!

#4… Close to Friends and Family

Although I’m moving away from my favorite pups and my sister Emily :(

Best Puppies Ever!

I’ve almost cried twice already – I’m going to miss Brody (and Maxwell) more than anything…sorry, Emily

All of Josh’s friends and family are back in New Jersey and I’m so excited for him to be close to them again.  I also have some friends and family in the area and all of Josh’s friends and family have always been so welcoming and friendly so I’m excited to be surrounded by new people :)

#5… New Adventures!

Josh and I will be living close to amazing restaurants and we’ll only be about 30 minutes from NYC.  I’m so excited to explore my new town and the areas surrounding it.

Phew…the big news is out :D  I am beyond excited and am so happy I can finally share it here!

Question of the Day

What are some things you have been loving over the past week?

Any last minute moving tips?!


  1. WOOHOO for big news!!! I’m in the city so if you are ever looking to meet up let me know! Can’t wait to hear how you like your new job! I definitely think I sit too much.

    Good luck moving! Starting in a new place is always so much fun because you get to redecorate!

    • says:

      Yes, it looks like you’ve been having an awesome time in NYC! I would totally be down to meet up once I’m settled :) I’m not sure my boyfriend will allow too much colorful redecorating but we’re both definitely itching to get some artwork for our bland walls since we never bought anything after graduating. I can’t wait for all the big changes!!!

  2. Such exciting news! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures when you move!
    Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie recently posted…{Friday Favorites} 1/24My Profile


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