Goals for the Week {5/5/14}

First things first…happy Cindo de Mayo!!!  I kind of celebrated on Saturday when I made a Mexican meal for one and drank four servings of The Pioneer Woman’s Mango Margaritas.

The Pioneer Woman Mango Margarita

Tequila Lime Chicken, Black Bean Dip, Chips, Guacamole, Salad

Chicken with Guacamole, Chips, Bean Dip (recipe to come!) and a Simple Salad

Josh and I plan on having Mexican food later in the week, mostly because I used all the tequila (whoops!), so we’ll be fully celebrating in a few days.  Until then, here are my Goals for the Week.  Don’t forget – if you’re a fellow blogger there’s a link up below :)  And I always encourage you to participate in the comments section!

Last Week: How Did I Do?

3 Jogs & 1 Circuit – I fit in 2 jogs & 1 circuit.  3 workouts a week is currently what’s working for me so I’ll take it.

Be Mindful and Practice Portion Control – It wasn’t too shabby of a week in the portion control department.  I’m actually pretty happy with myself!  While Josh was out of town I ordered pizza and only ate two medium sized pieces.  (For me that takes restraint because it’s just so freaking good!!)

Sonny and Tony's Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Get Organized – There are definitely a few things on my to do list still but I accomplished most of them so I’ll consider this goal a success, too.

Goals for the Week

Goals for the Week

3 Jogs – I want to focus on my jogging so I’m eliminating my goal of fitting in a circuit.  However, I want to fit in some push ups and planks after each jog because I’ve really let those areas go.

Stick to the Meal Plan – I did some serious meal planning and food prep yesterday.

Food Prep 5/5/14

My goal this week is to stick to the plan for breakfast, lunch and snacks and to practice portion control at dinner and before bed (aka reduce unnecessary late night snacking).

Enjoy Right Now – I tend to think to the future.  I’m a planner after all.  But lately, it’s just been bringing me down.  Looking to the future can be exhausting.  Always wondering what if or trying to make a plan that doesn’t yet need to be made.  I’m not talking about my summer plans, I’m talking about my plans 1-5 years down the road.  My goal for this week, and a goal I think will carry on for a few weeks, is to stay in the present.  Be aware of what should be done now and worry about what’s to come later.

Question of the Day
What are your goals for the week?

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