Less than two months away…

It’s hard to believe but my wedding is less than two months away!  I really wish I had the energy (and desire) to document the planning here but I just don’t… so I promise to post an intensive recap (likely split up across posts) detailing the night.  A year ago this weekend, Josh and I drove from New Jersey to North Carolina, and met my mom and aunt, who drove from Florida to North Carolina, to find the perfect venue.  We fell in love with The Proximity here in Greensboro and have since relocated to the area.  My wedding dress, however, I found (and has stayed) in Florida so, at the moment, I’m sitting in the Raleigh-Durham Airport about to board my flight to Florida for my final dress fitting.  It is so hard to believe it is time for my FINAL dress fitting!

While I’m sitting in the airport, I figured I’d check in with some of my eats from the last 24 hours.  Let’s start with last night!  Josh and I went out for dinner last night at a local favorite, Crafted The Art of Street Food.  I’m a big fan of their menu because they will make many of their items vegan, and they also have plenty of vegetarian options.  There were some new items on the menu that I simply needed to try… mac n cheese (not vegan) and fried yuca with chimichurri sauce.  Both were phenomenal and were truly the best two items I’ve ever eaten there… and the mac n’ cheese was one of the best mac n’ cheese dishes I have EVER had.  I, personally, like a creamy mac n’ cheese, as opposed to a “harder”/stringier mac n’ cheese… and it was on point!

Crafted The Art of Street Food - Greensboro NC - Mac n Cheese and Fried Yuca

As my entree I got a small serving of the (made vegan) Korean meatballs.

Crafted The Art of Street Food - Korean Meatballs Made Vegan

I’m hoping these won’t get taken off the Fall menu as they start to add new items.  The rice is perfectly fluffy and the sauce is just spicy enough.  I left only a few bites on my plate which I took home and enjoyed first thing this morning.  Weird… probably… but so good!  For my “second breakfast” I had a large juice that I… wait for it… juiced myself!  I actually juiced three mornings in a row this week.  We’ll see if the fascination stays or fades 😉 .  Into my juice went apples, kale, celery, cucumber and lemon.

Homemade Fresh Pressed Green Juice - apples, kale, celery, cucumber and lemon

For lunch, I had quinoa with roasted veggies alongside pita and hummus.

quinoa with roasted veggies alongside pita and hummus

Later, I snacked on some carrots before wrapping up my workday and heading to the airport.  I decided to get my “vacation” started by ordering a beer and watching Downton Abbey along my veggie (assuming vegan) burrito bowl which included rice, black beans, sautéed vegetables, medium salsa, red onion, pickled jalapeños, black olives, shredded lettuce and guacamole.

Airport - Burrito Bowl with New Belgium Beer and Downton Abbey

Is it sad that my idea of a vacation is simply drinking a beer while watching Downton Abbey?? Nahhhhhh 😛 .  And that’s all I have to share for now :)