Let’s Chat: Accountability

I can hardly express how excited I am to be kicking off the New Year as a Beachbody team member!  The support and accountability is truly astounding – there’s no better network out there for living a healthy and balanced life because the focus is on fitness AND nutrition.

Beachbody Fitness Program and Shakeology (Food/Nutrition and Fitness)/Challenge Pack(picture source)

 To be completely transparent, I became a coach around this time last year but quit a few months after that.  So what’s different this time?  Well I quit for personal reasons (ahem I mean personal excuses).  I had moved, it was freezing and I was miserable, I had a job that consumed my life, and I was trying to save money so Shakeology was the first thing to go.  And what happened after that?… I stopped the program, I stopped eating right, and I began justifying my reasons for not working out, eating junk and overall just not taking care of myself.

So, a year later I’m in the same boat.  I love all things fitness and health but I don’t implement these things into my life.  A healthy and balanced life is composed of three things and many people (including myself) forget the third piece – ACCOUNTABILITY.  I didn’t see success with P90X3 last year simply because I completed the DVDs and drank Shakeology/ate well…I saw success because I had an amazing accountability network who encouraged and reminded me to implement healthy habits each and every day.  Here is an old picture that shows a small success I had with P90X3.

The Challenge and X3 Yoga P90X3 Week 3 Day 18

The second I removed myself from the accountability group, I gave up on myself.  So, to review…

Fitness Nutrition Accountability A Healthy Life Equation

Accountability is what makes Beachbody as a company so successful and it’s what makes their users find success in themselves.  My coach (yes, I have a coach, too – accountability, people!) gave me permission to post her before and after pictures here (thank you, Karlie!) from the 21 Day Fix.

Karlie Boden 21 Day Fix 10 pound weight loss

Look at that tummy flatten out and tone up!

So here’s a real life before and after picture… no photo shopping, not from an infomercial, this is someone real.  Is this a 50 pound weight loss?  No, it’s a fabulous 10 pound weight loss because that’s what was right for Karlie which is the beauty of Beachbody.  There’s something for everyone.  You see 100 pound weight loss stories and 10 pound weight loss stories like Karlie’s.  Oh, and because I feel the need to say this, Karlie is a working Momma with that rockin’ body.  How awesome is that?!

Moving on, I promise success is possible!  I got close and actually made some great strides forward with P90X3, I just didn’t stick with it once I gave up the accountability group.  So, one of my goals in 2015 (I’ll post a full list soon) is to stay accountable and use the accountability groups I’ve been given.  I want to encourage each of you to simply find the right accountability group for you and hold onto it for dear life 😉 .  And if you’re like me, a hermit who recently moved and doesn’t have a huge group of people to rely on, maybe an online source is the right fit for you, too!  Karlie and I will be holding a challenge group, which I’m considering to be my own little Countdown to Valentine’s Day starting Monday, January 5th.

Countdown to Valentine's Day 3 Part Collage

If you think the right accountability group for you might be Beachbody, comment below or email me at treatsandsneaks@gmail.com and we’ll chat :) .  For the upcoming challenge group I plan on using PiYo (and running a few times a week for Half Marathon Training), drinking Shakeology, eating clean, and participating in the accountability group via a closed Facebook group.  For me, this is an awesome way to kick start my health-related goals for 2015 while also making sure come Valentine’s Day I’m feeling my best.  I’d love to have a few of you join me so just let me know if you’re interested and we’ll talk to see if you’d be a good fit :) .