Make Up Monday: First Hike at Hedden Park

Hello!  Did you have a nice weekend?  The weather was a little funky and reminded me of my home state, Florida.  It poured Saturday evening and was hot and muggy/humid all day Sunday.  I didn’t hate it… 😉 .


Saturday was a very special day for Cooper…it was his puppy graduation!

Cooper's Puppy Graduation Certification

We are hoping to get Cooper into a Puppy Basics class and a Field Work Basics class next.  Once I got home I knew exactly what I wanted for breakfast…Perfect Fit Pancakes.  The problem, I started combining ingredients before realizing we didn’t have any eggs/egg whites.  I decided to wing it with some chia seeds, extra banana and almond milk and it was pretty much an absolute disaster.

Pancake Disaster (no eggs)

So I ended up throwing some ingredients together and actually making a delicious Apple Pie Smoothie.  You can look for this recipe tomorrow morning.

Apple Pie Smoothie

After breakfast and some meal planning Josh and I split up to run errands.  I went to Trader Joe’s because it’s one of the few grocery stores I actually enjoy going to.  I picked up a Super Spinach Salad for lunch.

Trader Joe's Super Spinach Salad

I also discovered my new favorite thing on the entire planet.  Dark Chocolate Espresso Pillows.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Pillows

I just might have found something that actually satisfies my sweet tooth.  So delicious!  After getting home I unpacked groceries, ate lunch, cleaned up a tiny bit, and hung out with Coopy until Josh got home.  Then it was time for me to hit the gym.  I was feeling a little sore so I went with a simple and flat brisk 3.25 mile walk on the treadmill while watching The Voice.  *SPOILER ALERT* I’m so happy Koryn and Sawyer have made it to the next round.  They are definitely my favorites!  I wrapped things up around 5:00pm and was immediately in the mood for some appetizers.  I had some Trader Joe’s Quinoa & Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips (our favorite) with some Market Basket Cajun Crab Dip and Trader Joe’s Reduced-Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip.

Market Basket Cajun Crab Dip and Trader Joe's Reduced-Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

So, so yummy.  Josh also made us some Caprese salad and I ended up eating two pieces.

Caprese Salad

I have to give New Jersey credit…they have the best tomatoes come summer time.  (This one wasn’t quite there but it was still super yummy.)  We wrapped the night up with a taco salad type of dinner (ground turkey, taco seasoning spices, black beans, brown rice, green pepper, red pepper, tomato, jalapeño, yellow onion and cheese on top of romaine lettuce), and some random movies on HBO Go.

Spicy Ground Turkey Taco Salad


Sunday morning we slept in until 9:00am.  I love sleeping in on Sundays.  It’s just a glorious feeling.  I was a little dehydrated because of my gin drinks from the night before so I chugged some water before moving on to making Perfect Fit Pancakes…this time with the proper ingredients.  But there was still a disaster.  When I reached for the cinnamon an entire jar of crushed garlic fell out of the pantry and directly into my bowl of protein powder which poofed up and went EVERYWHERE.  And I mean everywhere.  These are the moments why I wonder why I get in the kitchen at all…but I cleaned up and continued on to FINALLY make my pancakes.

Perfect Fit Protein Pancakes

With a cup of coffee they were absolutely glorious.  After breakfast we headed out for our first hike of the season!  I love a good hike and now that we have Cooper I’m even more in love with the activity.  This was Cooper’s first hike and he seemed to really enjoy it.  We went to Hedden Park in Morris County, NJ and it was beautiful.  We followed the green and white trails.  It was nice because it wasn’t too intense in regards to incline, but it wasn’t a perfect path so you really had to think about where to put your feet…or paws.

Cooper - 4 Month Old Vizsla Puppy - Rocky Hike

Part of the path took us along a streaming river.

Hike along Streaming River - Hedden Park

We will definitely be going back to explore more trails!  And everything was just so beautifully green.  We completed 2 miles in just over an hour.  Not too shabby considering we had a crazy puppy with us.  After our hike it was time to get some work done.  Blogging, meal prep, laundry, etc.  Eventually we pulled out some of the dips from the night before for snacking and then had a delicious dinner of chimichurri steak over arugula with tomato and mozzarella.

chimichurri steak salad over arugula with tomato and mozzarella

On the side we had some roasted sweet potato “fries.”

Roasted Sweet Potato "Fries"

From there it was kitchen clean up and Entourage episodes for the rest of the night.  I did, however, get a sweet tooth hankering around 8:30pm and made my very first mug cake.

First Ever Mug Cake

The recipe needs some adjusting…I’d love to make it more moist…but it still took care of satisfying my sweet tooth.  And that wraps up my weekend!

Where do you love to hike?

What were you up to this weekend?


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