Make Up Monday: Puppy News, Ice, and Good Food

Ready for a little weekend recap!  I’m not going to touch on everything, just the things that stand out :) .  We’ll start with Saturday…


Breakfast was incredibly filling and yummy – 2 poached eggs over brown rice and buffalo chicken style chicken sausage.

2 Poached Eggs Over Brown Rice and Buffalo Chicken Style Chicken Sausage

It was delicious and super simple since I used leftover rice and pre cooked chicken sausage.  After breakfast I got to cleaning…and hitting the refresh button on my computer to check the puppy list every 15 minutes.  Finally, around 3:00pm we got the phone call as I was folding laundry…we will be bringing home a baby vizsla pup named Cooper in March!!!  Pictures soon to come :)

We, of course, had to go out to dinner to celebrate so we headed over to Morris Tap & Grill.  We cheers-ed to the addition of Coop to our family and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Cheers to Coop at Morris Tap and Grill


I had plans yesterday morning for an early coffee date with a friend.  I hopped in my car without checking the news and immediately put my phone on Pandora.  The first 7 minutes of my drive was fine…and then things got HORENDOUS!  As I went under a bridge I noticed there were about 30 cars, all damaged, on either side of the highway and before I knew it I was slipping the girl behind me was swerving not to hit me and spun out just barely missing me and the car next to me slid right off the highway into the divider.  TERRIFYING!  I’ve never been in such awful driving conditions in my life.  Needless to say we cancelled our coffee date and I did my best to get home as slowly and safely as possible.  I am extremely lucky I got home safely and unscathed.  I mean, there were over 400 reported accidents just in NJ yesterday from the black ice!

After that awful experience I was ready to just relax.  Josh and I ventured out across the street (luckily it wasn’t too icy right by our house) for breakfast which was a complete splurge…sausage, egg and cheese on a whole wheat everything bagel with salt, pepper and ketchup.  So worth the cheat!

Sausage Egg and Cheese on a Honey Whole Wheat Everything Bagel with Salt Pepper Ketchup

I spent the rest of my day hanging out and meal prepping.  Part of meal prep, by the way, consisted of chicken salad which was easy and 21 Day Fix approved!  I used a rotisserie chicken for the meat, removing the skin and using primarily the white meat.  Then I added 1 Red (21 Day Fix terminology) of non fat plain Greek yogurt, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper, two celery stalks (diced), some red onion (diced) and approximately 16 almonds (chopped).

Easy 21 Day Fix Approved Chicken Salad

I thoroughly enjoyed it today for lunch :)  .  Lastly, for dinner Josh made us stuffed peppers which were absolutely incredible!  I didn’t watch him make them but the mixture included ground turkey, Mexican-type spices, brown rice, various cheeses and some other items, and he topped it all off with some bread crumbs.


Looking Forward

Now that I won’t be hawking the waiting list I plan on being much more productive this week 😉 .  Although, I won’t lie, now I’m obsessing over their Facebok pictures awaiting pictures of our little baby.  We’re so excited!!!

So tell me…

How was your weekend?