Moving Logistics

I am officially up in New Jersey which, in case you missed it, is my new home!  We got to see our apartment (technically it’s a condo) for the first time yesterday afternoon.  It’s much older than our place in Greensboro, North Carolina but we have a lot more space, a wonderful patio and overall we just absolutely love it!  We are hoping our stuff arrives today but our movers are having logistics problems (beyond frustrating) so we may end up getting it on Monday.  We start work on Tuesday so that would make for a very boring weekend and a super stressful Monday but it’s out of our hands :(  We’re doing all that we can to just keep calm and carry on.  Anywho, let’s talk about some food from yesterday and today’s breakfast.


For breakfast I wanted to get my Shakeology in but didn’t feel like freezing my butt off with a smoothie so I created Shakeology oatmeal instead.

Chocolate Oatmeal Shakeology with NatureBox Granola

I had to use water so it was just okay.  I’ll work on the recipe a bit once we’re settled in our new place and if I get right I’ll be sure to post specifics!  For lunch we had leftover chicken pot pie Josh’s Dad’s girlfriend, Abigail, had made.  I love chicken pot pie and was thrilled to see this in the fridge as an option ;)

Abigail's Chicken Pot Pie

Around 4:00pm I was hungry again and Josh was nice enough to stop at and buy us some Jamba Juice.  I got the Apple ‘n Greens smoothie which I’m excited to recreate at home with way less sugar!

Jamba Juice Apple 'n Greens Smoothie

As a pre-dinner snack I munched on a handful of tortilla chips with this amazing guacamole from Fairway.

Fairway Guacamole and Tortilla Chips

For dinner Abigail made a baked chicken that had been cooked in milk with cinnamon sticks.  Yum!!!  For our sides we had a delicious kale and quinoa salad that I’m definitely making at home and asparagus.

Cinnamon Chicken Baked in Milk with Quinoa and Kale Salad and Asparagus

And finally for dessert, Abigail made her delicious and ginormous cookies and a lemon merengue pie.

Abigail's ginormous cookies and a lemon merengue pie.

Staying in this house with Abigail’s cooking and baking is getting dangerous ;)  For breakfast this morning I tried another variation of Shakeology oatmeal (I used vanilla this morning instead of chocolate).  It’s improving but still not quite right.

Vanilla Shakeology Oatmeal and Coffee


I finally got a P90X3 workout in yesterday – woohoo!  I started with the first workout of this week (which is a transition week, by the way) which was Isometrix.  It was way more challenging than I expected and very humbling.  There were poses I was 100% not able to do but I can’t wait to see myself progress.

P90X3 Week 4 Isometrix


I simply can not wait to get settled in our new place.  I’m feeling a little lost without a meal plan and without my typical pantry staples (like bananas for example).  Luckily I have Shakeology, oats, chia seeds and Quest Bars with me, and yesterday I bought apples, almond milk and Greek yogurt.  These things will get me through until Monday when our typical meal planning will be back in action.

On a different note, Josh and I went to Ikea yesterday and I am beyond thrilled that there is an Ikea within 20 minutes.  Formerly, it was an hour and a half away.  There’s just so much STUFF here!!!


Question of the Day

How do you fit in workouts during stressful/busy times?


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