P90X3 Week 1 Review

I know I said I’d do a vlog buuuut I chickened out.  I’m a writer folks 😉  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Day 1 (Total Synergistics) – Even though I watched the DVD ahead of time I felt a little lost at points, but that’s to be expected.  The next time I do the workout I’ll be more prepared and ready to take it head on.  I liked that this workout wasn’t too intense – if it had been the first day may have felt a little overwhelming.

Weights: I used 10 lbs for everything except for the Side Rise Punch where I used 2.5 lbs.

P90X3 Day 1 Total Synergistics Before and After

My watch says 28 minutes because I forgot to hit start during the warm up.

Day 2 (Agility X) – Wholy cardio!  This required no equipment and was a whole lot of jumping around like a maniac…and burning an awesome amount of calories.  You are suppose to use two strips of tape because you jump and aim for different points.  I used sticky notes which didn’t work because every time I jumped on them they moved or stuck to my shoe.  Next time I plan on using painters tape.

P90X3 Day 2 Agility X

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Day 3 – I took this as a rest day.

Day 4 (The Challenge) – The entire workout consisted of pull ups and push ups.  I did the pull ups using a resistance band and over the door attachment, and completed the pushups on my toes.  You went back and forth between different kinds of pull ups and push ups and were suppose to pick two numbers: one for how many pull ups you would do each set and one for how many push ups you would do each set.  I chose 20/10.

P90X3 The Challenge Week 1

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Day 5 (X3 Yoga) – I loved this sequence!  I really enjoyed all the twisting and balances.

Day 6 (CVX) – Okay, another wholy cardio!  This was all cardio with an added weight.  I liked it a lot more than I thought I would since I’m typically not a big fan of cardio.  You went through a set of three different exercises at a moderate pace and then repeated them at a faster pace.  Breaking it up into moderate and then intense made it much more manageable.  I’m actually excited to do this again!

Weights: I used 5 lbs the entire workout.


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Day 7 (The Warrior) – This was my kind of workout!  You did about a minute of arms, then cardio, then abs, then legs and then you got a quick break before moving on to the next set.  I love these kinds of workouts because breaking them up makes things a little easier on the mental side.  The only thing was…I was definitely feeling my efforts from the beginning of the week and didn’t feel I had the power to push myself as much as I would’ve liked to.  Oh well, next week!

P90X3 The Warrior Week 1

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Overall Thoughts…

It’s unreal that I’m already seeing results in my face and my waist.  I would say that it’s due to 20% P90X3 workouts, 40% Shakeology and 40% Eating Clean.  Shakeology is incredible.  It has seriously decreased my sweet tooth and junk cravings.  I know it’s because of the ingredients.  I’m now getting at least one meal a day full of the best ingredients one can find.  And by starting my day off on a healthy note, I stay motivated to eat clean throughout the rest of my day.

Next week I’m going to do my best to have pictures for all workouts and to also include my food from each day as well.

Questions of the Day

If you’re doing P90X3 what did you think of Week 1?

Does this seem like an exercise program you would be interested in?

If you are, contact me by leaving a comment below or email me at treatsandsneaks@gmail.com with the subject “Beachbody”


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