Pizza + Eggs = Breakfast

Doesn’t the title of this post just say it all?  I mean, I don’t even think I need to write the rest of the blog post…

Trader Joe's BBQ Chicken Pizza with an Egg

…but I will :) .  Last night I had a Trader Joe’s Frozen Pizza (BBQ Chicken) and had the leftovers this morning with an egg for breakfast.  It was perfection.  For lunch it just so happened Emily (my sister) was going to be in the area for work so we met up at Barberitos.  I enjoyed a burrito bowl and we shared some chips and queso… I’m such a sucker for chips and queso (and salsa).

Barberitos Burrito Bowl

I ate about 2/3 of it and ate the rest right around 5:00pm as I was wrapping up my workday.  I picked Cooper up from doggy daycare on my way home from work and then changed into workout clothes.  Cooper was looking exhausted from his full day of play so I left him at home while I went out for a jog.  It looked like it was going to storm outside so I stayed close to home.  Right around the one mile mark I saw lightening and it started thundering so I wrapped up and headed back inside to stretch.


After stretching I cleaned up (slightly) around the house and put away clothes.  Cooper supervised.

Cooper Vizsla

Next up was dinner.  I kept things simple by heating up a frozen meal in a skillet and serving it with a side salad.

Frozen Dinner

I’ll likely wrap my night up with a black bean brownie and some vanilla ice cream.  Perfection!


  1. black bean brownie?! Do you have a recipe for that–sounds good! Pizza and egg sounds like a fabulous breakfast!
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