What We’ve Missed

Hello!  Although I had fallen off the face of the planet for a while there, I’m back!  I thought I’d pop in for a quick post to catch us up on some things that we’ve missed.  Let’s get to it!!  For one, Cooper has been his adorable self… For whatever reason he’s not 100% amused [Read On]

Five Things Friday #40

We’re One Week Away I can hardly believe our move is just one week away now.  Around this time next week I’ll be picking up Emily (my sister) from the airport.  She’s going to drive my car down so I can drive Josh’s car and Josh can drive the moving truck.  We’ll be packing the [Read On]

Five Things Friday #37

Happy Friday, all!  It’s time for a Five Things Friday post .  Be sure to share whatever is making you happy in the comments section below! #1… Actually getting this post out before I start my day I usually don’t get this post out until much later in the day on Friday (or sometimes on [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Teaching My First Yoga Class

How about a little weekend recap?  How was your weekend?  I woke up Saturday morning and, since I knew Josh and I would be grabbing lunch in just a few hours, I went with two poached eggs. I have been loving eggs lately.  Not vegan… but at least they’re vegetarian as I am still attempting [Read On]

WIAW #31

As promised, I’m back for a WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post.  Let’s get right into it.  (I’ll be sharing today’s eats .)  I woke up feeling a bit dehydrated… Josh and I had gone out for sushi the night before and I may have had one too many beers.  I decided to still get [Read On]

WIAW #30

Happy Wednesday!  I am starting to write this post on Tuesday and am feeling uber excited since I’m getting some good traction on my emails out to local yoga studios and gyms about teaching.  Although I haven’t secured any set classes (yet), I have completed one demo, have another set up for Wednesday (today), and [Read On]


I have realized more and more recently that I am stuck in my “college days” a bit more than I thought.  A few examples… — When I was sick I was briefly annoyed that I didn’t get pseudoephedrine and mucinex (1) at the doctor’s office and (2) for free.  Is this how it was for anyone [Read On]

My 2016 Goals

Hello!  It’s that time of year…time to set 2016 Goals.  Before I get into this year’s goals I want to touch on the goals I accomplished in 2015. #1… I ran my first half marathon in March! #2… I got a puppy named Cooper! #3… I am certainly not perfect…but I have significantly reduced my [Read On]

Five Things Friday #35

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend thus far!  I am down in Florida and utterly exhausted but looking forward to having almost 3 more days with my family.  I honestly never realized that my family members read this blog until I got a few comments about how I’ve fallen off the face of [Read On]

A Happy Monday

When we first moved to New Jersey, I was someone who hated Mondays.  I totally dreaded them.  I was simply not happy in my job and didn’t feel I was moving forward towards my dreams.  I had dreams then of immersing myself in the health and fitness world (teaching/blogging/anything else I could find).  Although that [Read On]