Where I’ve Been and Why I’ve Been Avoiding the Blog

Okay, “avoid” is a harsh word… but if I take a look inside I know it’s true. Having a blog is hard… even for someone like myself with a (very) small following. There is a certain expectation to be transparent and sometimes that gets old. Taking that a step forward…. putting goals out into the [Read On]

We’re Moving Back To North Carolina

Where to even begin!?  This decision was made in the last 48 hours and we will be moving in less than a month.  I am still so overwhelmed with emotions.  But… I am beyond excited and grateful that we are able to make this move happen.  Of course, there are things we’re leaving behind.  Most [Read On]

Five Things Friday #37

Happy Friday, all!  It’s time for a Five Things Friday post .  Be sure to share whatever is making you happy in the comments section below! #1… Actually getting this post out before I start my day I usually don’t get this post out until much later in the day on Friday (or sometimes on [Read On]

My 2016 Goals

Hello!  It’s that time of year…time to set 2016 Goals.  Before I get into this year’s goals I want to touch on the goals I accomplished in 2015. #1… I ran my first half marathon in March! #2… I got a puppy named Cooper! #3… I am certainly not perfect…but I have significantly reduced my [Read On]

Five Things Friday #34

Hello!  I hope everyone has had a great week, but if you haven’t…at least it’s Friday, right!? I want to address something quickly before we get into today’s Five Things Friday post.  My real job… not the blog … takes precedence.  I know that may seem like a given, but I just needed to write [Read On]

2015 Goals Check In

Hello and Happy July!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!  On Friday, Josh and I spent time outside with Cooper and at the pool. On Saturday we had friends over and the drinking began before noon.  (Cooper, of course, insisted on being festive.) And, finally, Sunday was a “recovery” day that consisted of [Read On]

Tea Talk on Tuesday {5/12/15}

Since I missed our weekly Five Things Friday post I figured we could have a little Coffee Talk…but it’s late…so how about some relaxing (and decaffeinated) Tea Talk?  I love sharing things that have been making me happy and I hope you’ll join me in the comments below! If we were having tea tonight I [Read On]

My 2015 Goals {#REALSolutions}

Hello!  I actually planned on scheduling this to go out tomorrow morning while I flew back to New Jersey but I was so excited I felt the need to hit “publish” right this second.   I want to post about my 2015 Goals today. I did a post like this last year but fell off the [Read On]

Treats and Sneaks Turns 1

My baby blog turns one today! WOOT WOOT!!!  365 days and 232 posts later I’m happy to say I plan to keep truckin’ along.  (<- a little southern flare for you there 😉 )  In honor of my “blogiversary” I’ve decided to link up some of my favorite posts from the year. #1… My First [Read On]

Struggling & Goals for the Week {5/11/14}

I meant to post this yesterday but after a full 12 hour day I went to (a delicious) dinner with Josh’s family and by the time I got home I was exhausted.  I want to take some time to be honest with you guys.  I’m struggling here.  My hours are long, getting time off has [Read On]