Pizza + Eggs = Breakfast

Doesn’t the title of this post just say it all?  I mean, I don’t even think I need to write the rest of the blog post… …but I will .  Last night I had a Trader Joe’s Frozen Pizza (BBQ Chicken) and had the leftovers this morning with an egg for breakfast.  It was perfection. [Read On]

WIAW #21

Since our move/staying up late to unpack I’ve had some difficulty getting up in the morning for my workouts.  That’s okay, though!  So long as I get a workout in (yesterday I squeezed in a 2.25 mile wog after work before picking up Cooper from daycare), I’m happy!  Eventually Cooper will be in daycare 5 [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Food Network, Meal Prep and a 4 Mile Jog

Why do the weekends have to go by so quickly?  I miss being in college where you get three weeks off during the holidays.  All you college kids out there…ENJOY IT!!!  Since Josh and I have had very busy weekends lately (moving, Thanksgiving, etc.) we decided to be as lazy as possible this past weekend. [Read On]

Five Things Friday #17 …on Saturday

I simply can’t pull it together during the week to get these posts out on Friday.  Sorry, folks!  I still want to share what I’ve been loving lately though so I figure Saturday is as good a day as any  I’m still linking up with Katie, Clare and Heather.  Thanks for the link-ups, ladies! #1… Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend [Read On]

WIAW #10

It’s time for another WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post! (Thanks for the Link Up, Jenn!) I started my day off yesterday with a batch of Blueberry Pecan Overnight Oats via Tone It Up. I added a small splash of vanilla extract to mine since my liquid stevia wasn’t vanilla flavored and thought it was delicious. [Read On]

Treats and Sneaks Turns 1

My baby blog turns one today! WOOT WOOT!!!  365 days and 232 posts later I’m happy to say I plan to keep truckin’ along.  (<- a little southern flare for you there 😉 )  In honor of my “blogiversary” I’ve decided to link up some of my favorite posts from the year. #1… My First [Read On]

Running without Music

It’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend, which means I’m that much closer to two days off (Sunday and Monday).  I am extremely excited to have two full days with Josh to just relax.  I’m hoping that we can get all of our grocery shopping done on Saturday when [Read On]

Struggling & Goals for the Week {5/11/14}

I meant to post this yesterday but after a full 12 hour day I went to (a delicious) dinner with Josh’s family and by the time I got home I was exhausted.  I want to take some time to be honest with you guys.  I’m struggling here.  My hours are long, getting time off has [Read On]

Goals for the Week {5/5/14}

First things first…happy Cindo de Mayo!!!  I kind of celebrated on Saturday when I made a Mexican meal for one and drank four servings of The Pioneer Woman’s Mango Margaritas. Josh and I plan on having Mexican food later in the week, mostly because I used all the tequila (whoops!), so we’ll be fully celebrating [Read On]

Five Things Friday #8

So, a lot of bloggers do a special post on Friday that includes five fun facts, five random facts, five things they’ve been loving lately, etc.  And I’ve decided to hop on the band wagon!  My Five Things Friday will be a list of five things and might change every week from fun facts to [Read On]