Five Things Friday #31

Happy Friday!  Somehow the short weeks always tend to drag on the most.  But that’s okay!  We’ve made it to the weekend and I’m excited to share five things that have been making me happy this week.  Make sure to join in by commenting below #1… I’m a FitFluential Ambassador   I’m so excited about [Read On]

Five Things Friday #29…on Saturday

I definitely thought I had set this post to go up sometime yesterday afternoon…but apparently I didn’t.  So we’re doing Five Things Friday/Friday Favorites on Saturday.  Better now than never, right?  Be sure to share some favorites of yours in the comments . #1… Mom and Emily are visiting in June! (picture source) Mom and [Read On]

Five Things Friday #21: Five Things from Christmas Day

Hello!  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I know I enjoyed time with my family, good food and some relaxation.  For today’s Five Things Friday I’m going to share 5 highlights from my Christmas day.  I’d love to hear about yours, too – just comment below .  I’ll be linking up with Katie and Heather #1… Dad’s [Read On]

WIAW #14: A Very Strange Dinner

I’m bringing back good ole’ WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} today.  I’m currently on a plane to North Carolina to spend time with my family for the holiday which I couldn’t be more excited about .  The only bad part… my sister doesn’t have wifi!  How will a blogger ever survive?!  If I don’t show [Read On]

Five Things Friday #18

Happy, happy Friday!  Even though I’m still enjoying work I was feeling exhausted by Wednesday and was definitely eager for the weekend…and it’s finally here!  For today’s Five Things Friday post I’ll be linking up with Katie, Clare and Heather (<– love Heather’s Holiday Edition!).  Thanks for the link-ups, ladies! #1… Gym Time I absolutely love that we have a [Read On]

Five Things Friday #17 …on Saturday

I simply can’t pull it together during the week to get these posts out on Friday.  Sorry, folks!  I still want to share what I’ve been loving lately though so I figure Saturday is as good a day as any  I’m still linking up with Katie, Clare and Heather.  Thanks for the link-ups, ladies! #1… Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend [Read On]

Five Things Friday #14

TGIF!!!  Except I’m working Saturday…but only for about five hours so it won’t be too bad.  Today I figure I’d just list out five random things I’ve been meaning to tell you guys.  Today I’m linking up with Katie and Clare.  Thanks for the link up, girls! #1… I desperately need to update my About [Read On]

WIAW #10

It’s time for another WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post! (Thanks for the Link Up, Jenn!) I started my day off yesterday with a batch of Blueberry Pecan Overnight Oats via Tone It Up. I added a small splash of vanilla extract to mine since my liquid stevia wasn’t vanilla flavored and thought it was delicious. [Read On]


So, I haven’t published a WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post in almost a year!  I stopped because I didn’t quite see the purpose since I was posting about all of my eats on an almost daily basis, but now that I’m busier it’s harder to document everything.  So, I plan on bringing back WIAW posts to document all of my [Read On]

Five Things Friday #11

Even though I have to work tomorrow I am beyond excited it is Friday!  I’m ready for a night with my guy, only a half day of work tomorrow, and then a day off on Sunday.! I’ll be linking up with Heather’s Friday Favorites today (Thanks for the link up, Heather!) #1… My Fitness Pal I’m [Read On]