Good Food and New Running Shoes

Hi there!  I figured it was about time for a check in.  I know I said this last time but life has continued to be busy.  Since moving from New Jersey to North Carolina in April I’ve added teaching yoga to my schedule, and Josh and I have been spending way more time outside.  I [Read On]

Make Up Monday {Social Brunching & Meal Prep}

Happy Monday, all .  Mondays are tough… especially when Daylight Saving Time is still kicking your butt… but I had a great weekend so I’m here to share.  Be sure to share your fantastic weekend in the comments below! Saturday I woke up with a tinge of dread in my heart.  Ugh, it was Saturday [Read On]

Make Up Monday {2/22/16}

Hello  How was your weekend?  Be sure to share in the comments section below. Saturday I started my morning off with two eggs, each topped with 1/4 piece of pepperjack cheese. If you’ve been checking in often you know I’ve been an egg “fiend” lately.  I just can’t seem to get enough of them.  I had [Read On]

Snowed in Sunday

How are my fellow northerners doing?  We were still fairly snowed in.  My workplace is not closing tomorrow and the main roads here in Morris County appear to be okay though.  With that being said, originally being from Florida I am always overly nervous driving after a snowstorm but I’ll simply go sloooow.  Josh was brave [Read On]

Make Up Monday: First Hike at Hedden Park

Hello!  Did you have a nice weekend?  The weather was a little funky and reminded me of my home state, Florida.  It poured Saturday evening and was hot and muggy/humid all day Sunday.  I didn’t hate it… 😉 . Saturday Saturday was a very special day for Cooper…it was his puppy graduation! We are hoping [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Tangelos ARE Awesome

Friday evening I posted on Instagram after my workout that I was excited to see a lower number on the scale but that I had to then navigate the weekend.  I won’t say I did a stellar job but I did better than usual so at least there was progress. Friday Friday night is typically [Read On]

{Recipe Revised} Overnight Oats with Yogurt 2

I will never, ever be able to take a “pretty” picture of my overnight oats.  The point is their quick and easy…so why would I waste time putting them in an actual bowl or a cute mason jar?!  Sorry to disappoint, I’m just a red cup kind of girl…maybe that come from my southern roots? Either [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Date Night Friday, Sleepy Saturday and Productive Sunday

Only one more day to enter my “giveaway of sorts!”  For every $5 you donate you get one entry to win a BarkBox or MeowBox…and considering not a single person has entered over the last week your chances are crazy good 😉 .) Blogging with a new puppy and a full time job is HARD!  I [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Puppy News, Ice, and Good Food

Ready for a little weekend recap!  I’m not going to touch on everything, just the things that stand out .  We’ll start with Saturday… Saturday Breakfast was incredibly filling and yummy – 2 poached eggs over brown rice and buffalo chicken style chicken sausage. It was delicious and super simple since I used leftover rice [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Food Network, Meal Prep and a 4 Mile Jog

Why do the weekends have to go by so quickly?  I miss being in college where you get three weeks off during the holidays.  All you college kids out there…ENJOY IT!!!  Since Josh and I have had very busy weekends lately (moving, Thanksgiving, etc.) we decided to be as lazy as possible this past weekend. [Read On]