I’m Challenging Myself to 21 Days of Clean Eating

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you all had a fun filled or relaxing night.  Whichever you prefer .  I spent my night out on the town with Josh, Jordana (his sister) and Joey (our friend from college who is in town). I don’t go out often and I will have no desire to go [Read On]

Let’s Chat: Accountability

I can hardly express how excited I am to be kicking off the New Year as a Beachbody team member!  The support and accountability is truly astounding – there’s no better network out there for living a healthy and balanced life because the focus is on fitness AND nutrition. (picture source)  To be completely transparent, [Read On]

Day in the Life: Typical Monday

I’ve seen a lot of “Day in the Life” posts recently and figured I’d try one out here.  If it’s terribly boring let me know – if you really enjoy it and want to see more let me know 6:15am – My Jawbone UP24 is buzzing.  I have it set to the smart alarm option [Read On]

Goals for the Week {3/3/14}

So, typically I do my Goals for the Week post on Monday and then review them with a Target Practice post on Sundays.  I have decided, however, to change things up and review last week’s goals and set new goals all in one Goals for the Week post.  Sound good?!  I think so!! Last Week: [Read On]

P90X3 Week 5 Review

It’s time for another P90X3 review!  Sorry we missed last week’s but with the move things were just too crazy.  This week we’re skipping food pictures simply because I didn’t keep up with it.  I vote that I have until March 1st to get my life together 😉 This week of P90X3 was the start [Read On]

Five Things Friday #5

So, a lot of bloggers do a special post on Friday that includes five fun facts, five random facts, five things they’ve been loving lately, etc.  And I’ve decided to hop on the band wagon!  My Five Things Friday will be a list of five things and might change every week from fun facts to [Read On]

The Day That Got Away

Today ended up being a snow day for me.  The company I work for was open but there wasn’t much for me to observe because of the weather up here (more snow). I was disappointed because I’m now paid hourly and this means I don’t get the hours but I decided to think on the [Read On]

First Day of Work

I so badly wanted to keep up with posting during the move but it just didn’t happen  Sorry, folks!  I missed Traget Practice, the P90X3 Week 4 Review and my Goals for the Week.  BUT, I promise I’ll be back on track next week!  On the bright side, after a LOT of pushing on our end our movers [Read On]

Moving Logistics

I am officially up in New Jersey which, in case you missed it, is my new home!  We got to see our apartment (technically it’s a condo) for the first time yesterday afternoon.  It’s much older than our place in Greensboro, North Carolina but we have a lot more space, a wonderful patio and overall [Read On]

Goals for the Week {1/27/14}

It’s time to set some goals for the week!  Don’t forget, if you’re a fellow blogger there’s a link up below  Fitness Complete Week 4 of P90X3 – Week 4 is a transition week which works quite nicely since I’ll be going through quite the transition myself (a.k.a. moving)!  So, my goal is to complete at least [Read On]