From New Jersey to North Carolina

We’ve made it!  Josh and I arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina Sunday night.  After two small snafus (1) the apartment failed to put our keys in the apartment unlocked for us since we would be arriving after they closed and (2) the truck didn’t fit on the road like we were told it would… everything [Read On]

Moving Mind

Did you see Saturday’s post?  Josh and I are moving to Greensboro, NC in just a few short weeks.  Since the move is happening so quickly my mind is constantly moving thinking of everything we have to do to move!  Hence, the title of this post is… Moving Mind.  Last night I laid in bed [Read On]

Make Up Monday {Social Brunching & Meal Prep}

Happy Monday, all .  Mondays are tough… especially when Daylight Saving Time is still kicking your butt… but I had a great weekend so I’m here to share.  Be sure to share your fantastic weekend in the comments below! Saturday I woke up with a tinge of dread in my heart.  Ugh, it was Saturday [Read On]

Slow Transition to Morning Workouts

I meant to check in yesterday for a WIAW post but since I failed to do so I figured I’d check in today  This week has been rough on workouts… I’m determined to start working out in the morning (around 6:00am).  I have snoozed my alarm that goes off at 5:45am every day this week. [Read On]

A Night of The Voice

Hello!  Good evening!  Who else out there is watching The Voice finale tonight??  I know I need to get to bed since I’m not feeling all that great (lack of sleep = sore throat) but I just can’t help myself.  I’m going to try my absolute hardest to stay up for the entire finale!  I’m [Read On]

WIAW #29

Happy Hump Day!  Has it really been over a month since my last WIAW? Jeesh!!!  Well, I’m here now and am excited to share yesterday’s eats but first… Josh (you know, my camera shy fiancé) made a rare appearance on my Instagram this weekend so I just had to share our selfie from picking out our [Read On]

Digging Deeper: Why I’m Eating Less Meat

This post is going to seem super random because I haven’t been blogging recently so bear with me while I share with you why I’m eating less meat. Within the past year, I started watching documentaries about our food: Food Inc Food Matters Vegucated Forks Over Knives Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and most recently, Cowspiracy [Read On]

Make Up Monday: First Hike at Hedden Park

Hello!  Did you have a nice weekend?  The weather was a little funky and reminded me of my home state, Florida.  It poured Saturday evening and was hot and muggy/humid all day Sunday.  I didn’t hate it… 😉 . Saturday Saturday was a very special day for Cooper…it was his puppy graduation! We are hoping [Read On]

WIAW #22: I Hate My Toaster

Happy Hump Day!  Hump Day has become a weekly holiday in my mind.  A little celebration that we’ve made it halfway through the week (and that I’ve, personally, been productive/fit in some workouts/etc.).  Let’s chat about my eats from today.  Typically I would do Tuesday eats but I failed to take pictures so we’re talking [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Playing Hooky

Hello there!  It’s been a while since I didn’t pop in at all on Friday.  Per usual, let’s take some time to catch from the weekend. Saturday Saturday Josh was supposed to take Cooper to Puppy Kindergarten while I ran a 10k…we did neither!  As we were getting in bed Friday night we both just [Read On]