WIAW #27 + Wedding Venue Shopping

Hi there!  I figured I’d pop in for a quick (sort of…I forgot some pictures) WIAW post and also to share with you some updates on our wedding venue shopping and overall planning.  Let’s get to it!  Breakfast this morning was a Chocolate Shakeology smoothie which included unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana, a handful of [Read On]

WIAW #26 + Water Leak

Happy Hump Day, all!  I’ve had an eventful night thus far.  Right as I was sitting down to write this post I noticed Cooper kept running over to the guest bathroom and half barking at the closed door.  I finally got up and heard water.  Turns out, the person who lives above us overflowed their [Read On]

Cize Is On The Way!

Before we get into my excitement about Beachbody’s newest program, let’s talk about some food from the day. Food For breakfast I had what’s been a go to for me lately – 3/4 cups non fat plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, less than 1 tsp raw honey, and 1/4 cup Nature’s Path granola. Lunch was [Read On]

Back to (Puppy) School

My goal for two posts a week will happen somehow, someway .  Let’s get to some food, fitness and life from the day. Food Backing up to last night, Josh and I had a date night.  Josh has been working later and my schedule has picked up as well so we’re trying to find some [Read On]

Make Up Monday: I’m Addicted to Ice Cream

Hello!  Did you have a relaxing weekend?  I was honestly fairly lazy this weekend.  Cooper wanted to be a couch potato and I was all for it 😉 .  Let’s recap (mostly) some food from the weekend (since there weren’t too many activities). Friday Friday night we planned on having jalapeno turkey burgers which I had [Read On]

WIAW #18: The Puppy Sitter is Chosen

Happy Hump Day!  Only 3 more days until we get to pick up Cooper and FINALLY bring him home!  We met with a dog walking company the other day and are going to try them out.  There’s no commitment so no harm, no foul, and we’ll have a nanny cam so we’ll be able to [Read On]

WAIW #17: Researching Puppy Walkers/Sitters

I am always surprised by how quickly Wednesday gets here.  I suppose that’s a good thing!  The anticipation of being able to pick out Cooper this Saturday is intense and for whatever helping the days to go by.  It’s nice to have those things to look forward to (picking him out this weekend, actually getting [Read On]

WIAW #16: Season Premiere of 19 Kids and Counting

Hello!  It’s hump day!  WOOT WOOT!!!  My weeks are just flying by which is a surprise.  I was pretty convinced these would be the longest weeks of my life waiting for the day we get to pick up Cooper but it hasn’t been so bad.  I might have to change my blog name from Treats [Read On]

Just Keep Walkin’

Hello!  I won’t lie…all I can think about is our future puppy Cooper!  I check everyday for new photos and can’t go a night without watching vizsla puppy videos.  Pathetic…no!  Loving  Anyway, let’s chat about today!  For breakfast I made a batch of Overnight Oats.  I’ve been messing with my recipe so I’ll post a [Read On]

I’ve Missed My Crockpot

Oh, how I’ve missed the ease of crockpot meals!  This morning I woke up to prepare crockpot lasagna and I set it on warm for 12 hours.  I must say it was perfectly cooked when we got home…but before we get there let’s talk about other food from the day. For breakfast I had 2% Mango [Read On]