Make Up Monday: Our Move In Weekend

Hello!  Josh and I are thoroughly enjoying our new apartment  Since we were busy bees all week/weekend packing/unpacking and I wasn’t able to post I did my best to stay active on Instagram.  I hope you guys enjoyed a sneak peak of this post!  But, let’s fill in the gaps.  (I’ll skip Friday since that [Read On]

Neosporin in My Nose

I promise we’ll get to the title of this post, but first let’s talk about some food and fitness Food I was running late this morning and still felt pretty stuffed from all the food I ate over the weekend so I grabbed the most random breakfast of all time. Carrots and hummus!  It required [Read On]

Five Things Friday #17 …on Saturday

I simply can’t pull it together during the week to get these posts out on Friday.  Sorry, folks!  I still want to share what I’ve been loving lately though so I figure Saturday is as good a day as any  I’m still linking up with Katie, Clare and Heather.  Thanks for the link-ups, ladies! #1… Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend [Read On]

We’re Moving, Half Marathon Commitment, and Other Randomness

Since I’ve accepted my new job, Josh and I work about 2 minutes from each other yet we commute about 45 minutes to an hour every day.  So, we’ve decided to move about 45 minutes away from our current home to be closer to work.  We are super excited about the move!  We’ll be living [Read On]

Treats and Sneaks Turns 1

My baby blog turns one today! WOOT WOOT!!!  365 days and 232 posts later I’m happy to say I plan to keep truckin’ along.  (<- a little southern flare for you there 😉 )  In honor of my “blogiversary” I’ve decided to link up some of my favorite posts from the year. #1… My First [Read On]

Five Things Friday #8

So, a lot of bloggers do a special post on Friday that includes five fun facts, five random facts, five things they’ve been loving lately, etc.  And I’ve decided to hop on the band wagon!  My Five Things Friday will be a list of five things and might change every week from fun facts to [Read On]

Goals for the Week {3/3/14}

So, typically I do my Goals for the Week post on Monday and then review them with a Target Practice post on Sundays.  I have decided, however, to change things up and review last week’s goals and set new goals all in one Goals for the Week post.  Sound good?!  I think so!! Last Week: [Read On]

Target Practice #17

I won’t even lie…  I really didn’t want to do this Target Practice because this past week felt like such a stinkin’ failure.  I’ve had zero self control when it comes to food and zero self discipline when it comes to fitness.  By the end of the week I had the made the decision I [Read On]

First Day of Work

I so badly wanted to keep up with posting during the move but it just didn’t happen  Sorry, folks!  I missed Traget Practice, the P90X3 Week 4 Review and my Goals for the Week.  BUT, I promise I’ll be back on track next week!  On the bright side, after a LOT of pushing on our end our movers [Read On]

Moving Logistics

I am officially up in New Jersey which, in case you missed it, is my new home!  We got to see our apartment (technically it’s a condo) for the first time yesterday afternoon.  It’s much older than our place in Greensboro, North Carolina but we have a lot more space, a wonderful patio and overall [Read On]