Moving Mind

Did you see Saturday’s post?  Josh and I are moving to Greensboro, NC in just a few short weeks.  Since the move is happening so quickly my mind is constantly moving thinking of everything we have to do to move!  Hence, the title of this post is… Moving Mind.  Last night I laid in bed [Read On]

Make Up Monday {Social Brunching & Meal Prep}

Happy Monday, all .  Mondays are tough… especially when Daylight Saving Time is still kicking your butt… but I had a great weekend so I’m here to share.  Be sure to share your fantastic weekend in the comments below! Saturday I woke up with a tinge of dread in my heart.  Ugh, it was Saturday [Read On]

Make Up Monday: Teaching My First Yoga Class

How about a little weekend recap?  How was your weekend?  I woke up Saturday morning and, since I knew Josh and I would be grabbing lunch in just a few hours, I went with two poached eggs. I have been loving eggs lately.  Not vegan… but at least they’re vegetarian as I am still attempting [Read On]

Five Things Friday #36

Hello!  I’m a little late for this week’s Five Things Friday post… whoops.  It was a really rough week, I’ll share a bit later, and I just couldn’t get a post out yesterday.  With that being said, I still have so much to be grateful for, both big and small.  For this week’s Five Things [Read On]

WIAW #31

As promised, I’m back for a WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} post.  Let’s get right into it.  (I’ll be sharing today’s eats .)  I woke up feeling a bit dehydrated… Josh and I had gone out for sushi the night before and I may have had one too many beers.  I decided to still get [Read On]

Let The Time Logs Begin

I know it can be easy to dread Mondays…but I also view them as a clean slate each week which makes me feel full of possibility.  My goal this week is to log my time every day.  I am a lover of the book 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura [Read On]

Snowed in Sunday

How are my fellow northerners doing?  We were still fairly snowed in.  My workplace is not closing tomorrow and the main roads here in Morris County appear to be okay though.  With that being said, originally being from Florida I am always overly nervous driving after a snowstorm but I’ll simply go sloooow.  Josh was brave [Read On]

A Bunker Down Kind of Weekend {Snowmageddon 2016}

Hello!  How is everyone out there doing?  I have never seen this much snow in my entire life!  It is definitely a bunker down kind of weekend. Josh and I are prepared to bunker down all weekend.  We’ve prepared with things like frozen Trader Joe’s meals (including frozen crab bakes and gyoza) and Costco ready-to-go [Read On]

WIAW #30

Happy Wednesday!  I am starting to write this post on Tuesday and am feeling uber excited since I’m getting some good traction on my emails out to local yoga studios and gyms about teaching.  Although I haven’t secured any set classes (yet), I have completed one demo, have another set up for Wednesday (today), and [Read On]

Slow Transition to Morning Workouts

I meant to check in yesterday for a WIAW post but since I failed to do so I figured I’d check in today  This week has been rough on workouts… I’m determined to start working out in the morning (around 6:00am).  I have snoozed my alarm that goes off at 5:45am every day this week. [Read On]