We’ve Chosen Our Wedding Venue!

We have finally made the decision…we’ve chosen our venue!  I am so excited to have this area of wedding planning settled.  It’s such a relief!  We will be hosting our wedding (ceremony and reception) at The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, NC.

The Proximity Hotel

(picture source – The Proximity Hotel Website)

I can honestly say I never imagined my wedding in a hotel.  That, at first, just didn’t seem private enough to me.  All I pictured was a four year old screaming because she dropped her popsicle…or something to that effect…not that I would’ve done such a thing at four years old 😉 .  I had ideas of a barn out in the middle of nowhere, but once we toured The Proximity, I was utterly confused.  I’m the kind of girl who makes up her mind and sticks with it.  I don’t like too many options, but agreed to tour a total of six wedding venues in less than 72 hours.  And, after all that, I ended up falling in love with the one place I didn’t think I’d have trouble turning away, The Proximity…a hotel.  I was shocked, but I couldn’t deny it and neither could Josh.

The Proximity Hotel - Greensboro, NC - Social Lobby - Wedding Venue

(picture source – The Proximity Hotel)

We will be getting married on November 5th, 2016.  I can’t believe it’s so far away, but at the same time I know it will fly by.  This is such a special time in our lives and I’m excited we’ll have time in between planning to enjoy it.

Back to The Proximity…  Fun fact!  The Proximity was just named “America’s Greenest Hotel” by Travel+Leisure.  Pretty neat, right?  If you look back at the picture of the hotel you can see the solar panels across the top of the building.  Something else I fell in love with at The Proximity are the huge oversized windows (and the pictures of wedding dresses in front of them).

The Proximity Hotel - Greensboro, NC - Wedding Dress - Wedding Venue

(picture source – Tara Parker Photography)

The oversized windows provide so much natural light and makes a huge difference.  My impressions of a hotel where that of stuffy conference rooms and corporate decor but at The Proximity, you simply feel like you’re in an entirely different world.  With all that being said though, there’s so much more to a wedding than what I’ve just mentioned, and The Proximity goes above and beyond.  Their staff is nothing less than spectacular.  You are made to feel at home and as if you shouldn’t worry about a single thing.  Josh and I know we will be completely taken care of on our wedding day.

A few other items that caught our attention…

Our guests would be able to stay on site so we wouldn’t have to worry about transportation the day of.  85-90% of our guest list will be from out of town so this was a huge plus.

The hotel’s restaurant, Print Works Bistro, is phenomenal and will be catering our wedding.  Also, guests can simply walk over to enjoy the food or a drink at the bar to, again, reduce transportation issues.

Print Works Bistro - The Proximity Hotel - Greensboro, NC

(picture source – Print Works Bistro)

Lastly, most everything we would need for our event came with the venue so we wouldn’t have to outsource every little thing (such as glassware, linens, centerpieces, etc.).  It’s truly perfect for us and I couldn’t be more excited.  The next steps are to nail down the wedding planner, photographer and entertainment but then we can take a step back and appreciate this time.

Question of the Day… 

Do you have a dream wedding venue?