What I Ate (and Did) on Thanksgiving!

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I just couldn’t resist throwing this in here…  The night before Thanksgiving we went to pick up our race packets and decided to also make a stop at the Space Coast Light Fest at Wickham Park.  I know these pictures aren’t that great but Christmas lights are hard to capture on a point and shoot!  Anyway, you drive through the park and they have tons of Christmas lights.  My favorite was the Grinch and Max (top second on the left).

Space Coast Light Fest Collage

If you live anywhere near this I would definitely recommend going.  It’s a fun and fairly cheap activity to get out of the house over the holidays.


I started my morning off with a full cup of fruit (well it was full before I took the picture) and half of a Cliff bar.

Fruit Cup and Cliff Bar

I ate in the car on our way to the Suntree Turkey Trot in Melbourne, FL.  The race was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It wasn’t the most scenic race (it was through a neighborhood) but it was a lot of fun since we did it as a family and Brody and Max were allowed to run :) Brody and I decided to dress up but the rest of the family was lame and said that was weird.  Yeah, well, Brody and I sure did get a lot of compliments.  One older couple standing in their driveway watching everyone run by even cheered for Brody saying, “go, dog, go, good dog!”  Brody smiled his thanks, I waved and we kept running.

Brody and Me Turkey Trot 2013

Brody Turkey Trot 2013

Family Pics from Turkey Trot 2013

Emily, Mom and I all ran the 5K.  Dad ran the 10K and was 8th in his age group…BUT if he had been one year older he would’ve been first which we all got a kick out of 😉

For my second breakfast (and kind of lunch) for the day I made the family Greek yogurt pancakes and Emily made scrambled eggs with chicken sausage.

Thanksgiving Breakfast Collage

After breakfast we all showered and got ready to make a couple of stops before the big dinner.  My dad is one of seven and my mom is one of five so we have a big family and a lot of the family lives in Florida.  Our first two stops were at two of my dad’s sister’s houses.  I most definitely couldn’t resist a bite or two here and there!

We had our true Thanksgiving meal that night at my aunt MaryBeth’s house (my mom’s sister).  The night started with a delicious sangria that MaryBeth made.


And I also enjoyed snacking on some veggies and corn dip while the turkey was being cut.

Veggie Platter and Corn Dip

Chico (my cousin’s dog) was fully prepared to capture any lost turkey.

Chico (my cousin's dog) was fully prepared to capture any lost turkey

Finally, it was time for the main event…FOOD!

We had lots of turkey, stuffing, stuffing balls, carrots, asparagus, quinoa, green beans, butternut squash, mashed potatoes (made by me)) and gravy

We had lots of turkey, stuffing, stuffing balls, carrots, asparagus, quinoa, green beans, butternut squash, mashed potatoes (made by me) and gravy

I only had one plate but it was a heavy (and delicious) plate at that and I finished all but a bite or two.

Thanksgiving Dinner Collage

And to finish off the evening, I had a slice of pecan pie pie, a slice of lemon chess pie, and half of a pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese cinnamon frosting.

Lemon Chess Pie Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

I was horribly stuffed but it was worth it 😉  After dinner a few of us took a walk with the three cousin puppies.  Since it was obviously dark I don’t have a picture but here’s one from a few days before at a dog park.

Brody Max and Chico

Chico was quite the protector for little Max and even a bit for Brody.

I hope you had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as I did!

Question of the Day

What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving this year?

Mine had to be running the Turkey Trot with Brody, spending time with family and the food, of course 😉


  1. I would agree, running turkey trots are my favorite part of thanksgiving :) Love all the doggies!
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