What We’ve Missed

Hello!  Although I had fallen off the face of the planet for a while there, I’m back!  I thought I’d pop in for a quick post to catch us up on some things that we’ve missed.  Let’s get to it!!  For one, Cooper has been his adorable self…

Cooper - Vizsla

For whatever reason he’s not 100% amused by my love of taking pictures of him.

Cooper - Vizsla

There was an overly indulgent Saturday that included fried pickles, a burger with all kinds of fixin’s, some pimento cheese smeared baguettes and filet with potatoes and asparagus.

Fried Pickles, Burger, Pimento Cheese, Slow Roasted Filet

There was also the night when Emily (my sister) spent the night and we decided to go to Maxie B’s for dessert.  We got the chocolate pound cake and the strawberry short cake. Both were delicious!

Maxie B's Cake (Dessert)

I now have a pretty plant on my desk at work thanks to my boss.  I love the pink on pink and she promised it was very easy to take care of.  My instructions were to water it once a week.  So far so good!


Continuing with the pink theme… strawberry banana protein smoothies have made a comeback.  So creamy and delicious!

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie

One rainy afternoon I just didn’t want my pre-made lunch and was craving a sandwich and some mac n cheese.  I use to love McAlister’s mac n cheese in college… I’m not going to lie… it didn’t quite live up to the memory… but it still hit the spot.

McAlister's sandwich with side of mac n cheese

On Cinco de Mayo Josh surprised me by making homemade guacamole, getting me flowers, and making me a margarita.  It was all set up for me and it was such a nice surprise when I walked in the door.  He also reminded me that May 5th served as the 6 month mark to our wedding.  He’s the best!

Cinco de Mayo - Homemade guacamole, margarita, fresh flowers

Josh has been killin’ it with steak on the grill.  When we’re grilling outside we aim to not use the oven.  Josh cooks the asparagus in a foil pan over the grill and we’ve been taking a shortcut with store bought potato salad.  Our absolute favorite is from The Fresh Market… I don’t remember the exact name but it’s essentially like a loaded baked potato without the skin.

Grilled Steak, Asparagus and Potato Salad

That just about catches us up!  The last few things I want to touch on I don’t have pictures for so bear with me.  I am officially on the Group X schedule for my local YMCA teaching 6am yoga once a week and have also been hired at Gold’s Gym (I just have to wait until 3rd quarter/July to be put on the schedule).  I’m excited to be building up a steady schedule and really putting my 200 Hour RYT Certification to use!

I have been working much longer hours than I did in New Jersey.  It’s a good thing because I’m never bored at work and I’d definitely rather be busy… but it’s also requiring some adjustments at home.  Trying to fit in healthy dinners and exercise has been a challenge.  I tried morning workouts and it just didn’t work… it never has for me.  I can do it once maybe twice per week but that’s it (and I’m reserving my early mornings for teaching yoga).  Since I sit at a desk all day I’m putting my focus on steps.  After a long day of work I don’t always want to fit in an intense cardio workout and even a moderate one (if I’m being honest)… BUT… going for a short walk with Cooper is totally doable.

Okay, I think that’s about it!  I hope everyone had a productive Monday :)



  1. Glad you’re settling in to your new spot! Do you have your group exercise certificate? I’m looking in to what I should get and have been interested in group exercise. If you do, what cert/program did you go for?
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